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Nathan Fillion is FINALLY Nathan Drake!

Uncharted 1.jpg

Ever since the release of Uncharted for the PS3 in 2007 fans have been dying to see Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) take on the role of Uncharted's hero, Nathan Drake.

Well, the wait is over.

Director Allan Ungar dropped his "Live Action Fan Film" simply titled "Uncharted" on YouTube this morning and it's everything you've dreamed of, or at least 15 minutes of that dream. I use quotations because to say this is just a "fan film" would be an insult. It's FANTASTIC! Nathan Fillion is pitch perfect as Drake. He captures everything we love about the wise-cracking globe trotting treasure hunter, originally voiced by Nolan North across the span of four games in the Uncharted franchise. You can't help but grin when Fillion is revealed in the midst of another adventure. An even greater surprise comes in the form of Drake's cigar chomping mentor and sidekick, Sully, played by Stephen Lang (Avatar). I had long wondered who might be cast in this role were a movie ever to be made and I have to say that casting was spot on. They even manage to make a nod to the games' seamless flow from cutscene to gameplay with a clever edit. If you cross your eyes you'd swear it was gameplay footage from the latest release.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 4.31.47 PM.png

For the eagle-eyed nerd there's a little something special in the form of a cameo from Ernie Reyes Jr. of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II fame. 

Uncharted 3.jpg

As a die-hard fan from the beginning I must say this is a day I never thought I'd see. As the years passed following the first game the hopes of seeing Fillion as Drake dwindled. It didn't seem like a franchise Hollywood was interested in making at the time and if some studio did manage to secure the rights it they would make anything but the right casting choice. I'm not holding my breath hoping that this was just a teaser of a motion picture in the works. I know it won't happen, but at the very least I got to see some of my favorite characters from the video game universe jump off screen. Tom Holland (Spiderman: Homecoming) has signed on to play a young Drake in an upcoming film and that sounds pretty cool. But if that movie blows, we still got to see Drake "Fill-ed" out.

If you haven't played any of the Uncharted games, or if you've ever wanted to play a movie, drop what you are doing and find a PS4 now!

When Fish Fly

Recently I tried a handful of times to run through Super Mario Bros and beat the didn't go well. Yet I realized a few things through this play through that I hadn't as a child. The first thing was, HOW THE HELL DID I BEAT THIS LIKE IT WAS NOTHING AS A CHILD?  Seriously, I remember flying through this game (with the help of warp zones) in under 30 minutes. I would time myself when everyone sat down to watch Home Improvement (so that way I wouldn't miss The Simpsons). This time I was way dead before that time period.


One of the other things that I noticed actually impressed me this time, most of my muscle memory of the game was still there. How far and how high Mario jumps, the timing of the enemies, and where the hidden items are. It was like riding a bike really, the first few goombas I crushed instantly brought a smile to my face, that didn't last long.


So after beating Bowser for the first time in World 5 stage 4 (5-4) and enjoying the black and white colors of the background in world 6 I noticed the next thing I haven't as a child, that flying fish are hard. I reached this stage each time I played, and died every time. I'm not sure if it was the having less then 3 extra men when running into these bastards or how hard these flying fish sticks actually were. Seriously by about the 5th time of dying at this exact stage I was about ready to call it quits.


I'm sure if I tried a few more times I could have passed it and even maybe beat the game but I was just straight annoyed by it.  I'm sure as a child it was a mixture of practice and not having other games and things to play that made me so good at the time, but now as a 30 year old man playing it I decided it was time to try again in a week or so. I'll keep you guys posted with the outcome. 

Posted on June 16, 2018 .

It's Time For E3


It’s that time again. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is the premier gaming expo to see what the next year or more in games has to offer. Starting on May 11, 1995 it’s the largest gaming news expo of the year in North America. In years past it has lost some of its momentum but it seems like in recent months I’ve been hearing more hype around the show with developers holding press conferences before the expo I.E


EA – June 9 at 11am PT As you would expect from EA you will get announcements for your normal sports fair such as Madden 19, FIFA 19, NHL 19 and NBA Live 19. A new Battlefield is coming to the forefront. The next iteration will take place during World War II and includes new features such as fortifications, and a return of co-op modes. Also another title is Anthem EA is describing it as "a shared-world action RPG where Freelancers challenge the wilds past the wall, exploring a vast world filled with savage beasts and ruthless marauders, but also teeming with amazing technology and forgotten treasures".


Microsoft – June 10 at 1pm PT. Microsoft is primed to show a new Halo, Gears of war, Forza, and maybe a glimpse of the delayed title Crackdown 3.


Bethesda – June 10 at 6.30 pm PT besides more Fallout 76 footage who knows what we will see. Maybe a new Elder scrolls title?


Ubisoft – June 11 at 1pm PT It would seem we will get to feast our eyes on the new Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Who knows what else Ubisoft has to offer.


Square Enix – June 11 at 10am PT. The Keyblade is back in the wildly anticipated 3rdinstallation of the epic crossover that is Kingdom hearts 3. Its Final fantasy meets Disney. Speaking of Final Fantasy maybe we will get the FF7 we have all been waiting for.


Sony – June 11 at 6pm PT. Shawn Layden has confirmed that the presentation will focus on four main Sony exclusives: Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 2, and brand new PS4 and PS VR game called the Tetris Effect, and upcoming zombie survival title Days Gone.


Nintendo – June 12 at 9am PT. Nintendo has confirmed that Smash Bros will be a big focus for the show. Metroid Prime 4 could appear as well as a new Switch-based Pokémon. We now know that this core Pokémon RPG on Switch will launch in late 2019. So lets hope we can catch a glimpse of this at E3. With maybe some more info about Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu.

What are you most excited about for E3? Let us know down below! Personally I can’t wait to see the new Switch Pokémon title until then I’ll guess we will just have to wait and see.

Posted on June 9, 2018 .

My Journey Into The Storm


So recently my son downloaded Fortnite to our PS4, and I blame him for my new addiction.
He downloaded it to play with his best friend and after watching him play a few matches I decided it was my turn to shoot some people in the head.  MY first few matches didn’t go so well…… but after a few hours of playing i started to get the hang of it. The game itself plays a lot like any other 3rd person shooter that you would play expect the only difference is that it added the sandbox element to game play.  You see the only item you’re equipped with upon spawn is a harvesting tool (aka a pick ax or a number of other skins available for purchase) and you can use that to harvest 3 types of materials wood, stone, and steel. Once collected you can use them to build a fort of your liking.  This is incredibly useful when there's not cover to hide behind, you can instantly build your own.

The best thing about this game by far is that it’s free…...ish lol.  The game has many skins for everything, from your character to the items you use in game (a glider you drop in with, the harvesting tool, and your emotes).  The only thing I’ve used my hard earned cash on was for a battle pass. At the point I decided that it was worth dropping some cash on i had unlocked some in game currency (V-Bucks) already from leveling up in game.  So with just 5 bucks I had enough for a battle pass. A battle pass is a tier system that allows you to unlock something new for the game each level. Most of the time it’s a lame sticker emote but twice every ten levels you unlock 100 V-Bucks.  There’s also highly sought after character skins and dancing emotes, xp bonuses, but for me it was all about those V-Bucks.


After acquiring my battle pass I started practicing building each time I dropped in.  This is the hardest aspect of this game and can also be the most important. You can literally throw up a clubhouse around you in about 20 seconds protecting you and your teammates from enemy fire.  With windows added with a quick edit on the structure you can then return fire without being exposed. With a decent team and the use of a port-a-fort ( a grenade like device that builds a steel fort around you instantly) the structures can get really unique while sometimes being a pain in the ass to navigate.

The object of the game is to be the last team (or person depending on the game type) alive while trying to survive a deadly storm.  The storm shrinks every few minutes meaning if you’re not in the eye of the storm it deals damage to you and you die. After shrinking down a few times it leaves the battlefield quite small and this is where the chaos lies.  If you survive the initial drop in by acquiring a weapon (which can be found randomly on the map or in treasure chests) it becomes a game of scavenging unless you know where to find enemies at. Most people drop in right away or wait until a large city to be able to loot a lot, which means they normally are just in front of the storm as it shrinks.  If you hangout around there you get a lot of action and will probably die but it’s hella' fun.


It’s a really fun time waste that is cross platform and on mobile device so you can anywhere at almost anytime. So if you play on PS4 feel free to add me.  My user handle is Kingofnopants87.
We can waste some time together building a fort and shooting bad dudes in the head.

Posted on June 6, 2018 .

Fallout 76 Announcement


After a 24-hour Twitch stream , Bethesda Softworks revealed the next game in the Fallout universe. It’s called Fallout 76. I assume it's name is based off of the vault number where it begins. I wasn’t expecting this new game to be announced. I for sure thought Bethesda was re releasing Fallout 3 for the switch.


In the teaser trailer the scene is set inside an upkept vault. The vault looks like a party was held with balloons, confetti and a banner reading “Reclamation Day.” The setting seems to be that of a family household in a vault. Yet the only character that appears is a single vault dweller. Rocking a blue Vault 76 jumpsuit and a Pip-Boy with a date Oct. 27, 2102. With a broadcast stating, “When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.”


So I remember reading somewhere Vault 76 was a control vault with 500 residents, set to open two decades after the bombs fell, so do with that information what you will, but with the date of 2102 that means this is a prequel which also means those assholes from the Brotherhood of Steel aren't out roaming the wasteland being douche nozzles. I believe also 2102 was the year The Master created super mutants, so hopefully we get some new sick ass super mutant hybrids to fight against.


Yet with this being the earliest game after the war does that mean radiation will be running wild in the wasteland?  Will everything be a lot harder in this game because of it? The great winter happens in 2103, will this be a storyline in game as well?  I hope so.  I just hope this isn't an MMO, like everyone is afraid of.  So while we wait let’s load up some Fallout 3 and refresh our memories. 

Posted on May 30, 2018 .

This Crazy Wu-Tang Controller Really Exists!


I was simply scrolling through Reddit and a headline caught my eye. It was a joke about something you'd find at ODB or RZA's garage sale or something along those lines (I clicked away and forgot to save the link and now I can't find it). It was a picture of a strange video game controller in the shape of the Wu-Tang logo sitting behind the scratched glass of a used video game store. Even stranger was the $120 price tag! This has to be a joke....


Thirty minutes and several internet searches later, I now know that this controller was a pretty rare promotional item bundled with the PS1 fighting game "Shaolin Style" (it looks as though it was called "Taste The Pain" in other countries). 


The game got decent reviews, but it seems as though the controller didn't fare so well. The awkward "W" shape and lack of analog sticks make into more of a presentation piece than a functional controller. The $120 price tag seems a little steep, but I found other instances of similar prices around the net. has the controller in stock and listed at a much easier to swallow $40 (estimated) although the condition isn't noted.

UPDATE: We've received word from Lisa at PrePlayZone that the controllers are in fact NEW and selling quickly! Only 5 left in stock! Go get 'em guys!

Image via Destructoid

Image via Destructoid

As a person who has thrown down my fair share of coin for special/collector's edition swag and a fan of early PlayStation games, this controller is a pretty tempting little piece of plastic. If I found one complete in box who knows....? 

Posted on May 28, 2018 .

Mario Kart Tournament - Winter Geek Games 2018


The final competition for of Geekthletes took the most endurance with a octuple elimination Mario Kart tournament that consumed the entire day. When it was all said and done only three went home with the coveted dice. 
Here are three races from the unbelievable 169 (the math adds up) that left our geeks exhausted and wondering why it was still going on. Color commentary provided by Mario Kart veterans Dick Roundhouse and Sam Scrotum. 

If you're wondering what made these three races stand out from the endless hours of others, it was that Andy never shut his trap the entire time. One day a highlight reel from the races might be made available but that will be after months of therapy and tons of cocaine. 
Here's how the tournament actually ended up:

Geek Game Dice.png

GOLD          BRIMS



We thank you for joining us on this very first Geek Games and hope it provided entertainment over the actual Olympics for you! The closing ceremonies were beautiful and included Josh Mazur riding on the back of a Bengal Tiger but chaos ensued when an errant roman candle fired too close to the majestic beast and it jumped the wall of the enclosure attacking many spectators. Once out of the venue the big cat disappeared into some high grass with Josh still tied to it's back. Days later Mazur was found disoriented and pantsless eating a 7/11 hotdog (bunless) in downtown Dallas. In all the commotion the camera capturing all of this was dropped and and stampeded upon by the frantic crowd. 
Here is an artist rendering of exactly how it looked the moment tragedy struck.


Join us in 2020 for the Summer Geek Games!

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The Quarter Lounge


Have you ever stepped into a place and instantly been taking back to a certain time in your childhood? Well if you were an 80’s or 90’s kid I have just the place for you. The Quarter Lounge Arcade. For a small fee of $5.50 for all day access (or just $3 for access to the arcade only) you too can have this experience. (Arcade games will only run you a quarter and pinball fifty cents a game.)


There honestly isn't a bad thing I can say this place. They have most of the classic arcade games you love, plus access to a library of retro systems and games. If you do by chance stumble across a game they don’t have feel free to bring up your own copy to play or check out the store next door which sales used copies of retro games and systems as well. I’ve spent hours here upon each visit so be sure to clear out your day if you do stop in, because they have something you can waste countless hours on.


Every Saturday The Quarter Lounge Arcade also holds a tournament on one of the cabinets they have or one of the classic retro games for only a $10 entry fee (which also gives you access to the arcade and retro systems), with a payout of free entry to the arcade for five visits or depending on how many people enter, a prize from the countless video game themed items (lamps, shadow boxes, retron retro systems, ect.)


With a friendly staff that is always willing to help you out in anyway they can and a art consignment program for local artist you can’t go wrong with a stop by.  Worse case scenario you stop by to pick up a new piece of art for your game room and have a friendly chat about video games. Tell em J-Money sent ya. You won't get a discount or anything, my money is on that they'll look at you confused and say ok, but hey it wouldn’t hurt ya.

Quarter Lounge Arcade

1424 Brown Trail

Bedford, TX 76022

(469) 992-2389  


Posted on February 17, 2018 .