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The first time I heard about podcasts, it was 2005 and I was in grad school and had to write a paper about the newly developed broadcast medium. The first podcast I actually listened to was The Ricky Gervais Show, which I downloaded (because what was a podcast app?) and listened to on a CD in my car for years and years. If you’ve never heard or seen The Ricky Gervais Show - it was adapted to an animated series after the huge success of the podcast - dig around on the internet and find it. You’ll thank me later.

Fast forward a lot of years and a lot of listening and I think I’ve finally found my podcast niche. I’ve always preferred music to talk on the radio and that translated to my digital and streaming preferences, as well; however, the last few years, my commute time has increased and I’ve found that I want to use that otherwise wasted time to learn stuff. I feel very old and mature.

Here are a few podcasts that I’d classify as interesting and educational, but definitely not boring:

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The Allusionist with Helen Zaltzman. This is a podcast about language (stick with me) and the host is a delightful, linguistically-savvy Brit. She introduces and explores topics such as eponyms (there’s an annual episode each year and they’re one of my favorites) (related: listen to the episode about Trump… the verb), the origin of languages, semantics, language disorders, etymology, accents, technobabble, the language of math and science, and so much more. The episodes are quickly digestible in length (usually around 20 minutes) and include a word of the day - see if you can use it in an email. One of my favorite recent episodes is Ear Hustling, a rundown of the unofficial dictionary of San Quentin State Prison. Do you know what zoom zooms and wham whams are? Find out.


Criminal with Phoebe Judge. Criminal is, you guessed it, a crime podcast, but it’s not all murder and gore here (I have other podcasts for that… true crime is my other podcast niche). This podcast takes a very thoughtful look at crime in general and presents to the listener a myriad of criminal situations: the abduction of a 1950s poodle named Masterpiece, the quiet persecution of lesbians in WWII, the streaker who has been banned from major sporting events around the globe, a mother-daughter coroner team, and the history of séances, to name a few. You’ll still get your fix of murder and cold cases, don’t worry. If you’ve watched The Staircase on Netflix, start at the beginning with Animal Instincts.


Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. Have you watched Netflix’s rebooted Queer Eye? If not, carve out a day and do it, then report back. I’ll wait. Okay, by now you’ll want to be BFFs with The Fab Five’s grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness. It’s understandable. He’s hilarious, smart, and thoughtful, all of which translates into his podcast. Going strong on its third year, this educational podcast pairs JVN with an expert in various fields and the two talk over whatever subject has captured Jonathan’s curiosity that week. If you’re coming to him from Queer Eye, catch the origin story episodes of his fellow castmates (Bobby Berk, Tan France, Karamo Brown, and Antoni Porowski); if you’re ready to jump into current topics, take your pick of traumatic family separation, ethics, and the opioid crisis. Bonus! There’s an episode with Helen Zaltzman of The Allusionist.  

There’s No Such Thing As A Fish. First off, have you ever watched or heard of QI? QI stands for Quite Interesting and it’s just that. I’ve been obsessed with the Stephen Fry-hosted British comedy panel quiz show for years and No Such Thing is a podcast hosted by the QI researchers, a.k.a. QI Elves. Every show presents four random facts, each of which leads to a humorously meandering discussion on said topic and, inevitably, more facts. It’s fun, fast, and fascinating and you will henceforth be equipped with interesting facts when there’s a lull in a conversation. Wondering how the podcast got its name and what type of facts you’ll hear if you listen? Watch this:

I hope you’ll check one or more of these out if you find yourself yearning for some learning.

Posted on August 5, 2018 .

The Arcane Wilderness

We are happy to announce the addition of The Arcane Wilderness to the Reservoir Geeks Tape Deck. It's the first foray into the fictionalized podcast and we could not be happier.
Hosted by Samuel Martinez and Josh Brimhall, the series follows Dr. Gregory Malius into the wilderness as he interviews the most famous beings cryptozoology has to offer. 
Here's a sample clip from episode one. Enjoy.

Posted on March 18, 2018 and filed under Reservoir Geeks News.

Podcasting It Up... Again.


We're are quickly approaching our ninth year here at Reservoir Geeks and it reminds us of our humble roots at two guys who'd podcast.
Andy had just ended his two year marriage, Chris had just moved to a cabin in Burleson, Texas and both had way too much extra time on their hands. 


Podcast was a new platform and, possibly delusional, the boys thought they should start their very own podcast. For a point of reference, the first Nerdist podcast was in February 2010. Explaining what exactly a podcast was that early was one of the first hurdles and the inability/lack of knowledge to put podcasts on iTunes was another HUGE hurdle. Despite that Reservoir Geeks persevered and kept moving forward.  


Eventually the podcast took on Benny Beck as a producer and an additional mic in current Reservoir Geek Josh Mazur. Things went well for a while but as all things do, life got in the way. Chris left the rural life and moved to swanky Dallas and Andy changed careers and starting dating his ex-wife... We'll save that's for another time.
You can find all the original 2009 Reservoir Geeks episodes here:

Starting back in 2016 the boys got back in the podcasting game and started the Tape Deck Network. After a few pleasant bumps in the road in 2017 and with the revamping of this very site at the beginning of this year we are moving hard at posting more episodes, adding a couple of new series and consistently providing new episodes for you fine folks.
All that being said, tomorrow (February 26th) a new episode of Prequel. Sequel. Reboot. Remake. will be up with our pitch for a real remake of the 1974 classic Death Wish!

Posted on February 25, 2018 and filed under Reservoir Geeks News.