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My Journey Into The Storm


So recently my son downloaded Fortnite to our PS4, and I blame him for my new addiction.
He downloaded it to play with his best friend and after watching him play a few matches I decided it was my turn to shoot some people in the head.  MY first few matches didn’t go so well…… but after a few hours of playing i started to get the hang of it. The game itself plays a lot like any other 3rd person shooter that you would play expect the only difference is that it added the sandbox element to game play.  You see the only item you’re equipped with upon spawn is a harvesting tool (aka a pick ax or a number of other skins available for purchase) and you can use that to harvest 3 types of materials wood, stone, and steel. Once collected you can use them to build a fort of your liking.  This is incredibly useful when there's not cover to hide behind, you can instantly build your own.

The best thing about this game by far is that it’s free…...ish lol.  The game has many skins for everything, from your character to the items you use in game (a glider you drop in with, the harvesting tool, and your emotes).  The only thing I’ve used my hard earned cash on was for a battle pass. At the point I decided that it was worth dropping some cash on i had unlocked some in game currency (V-Bucks) already from leveling up in game.  So with just 5 bucks I had enough for a battle pass. A battle pass is a tier system that allows you to unlock something new for the game each level. Most of the time it’s a lame sticker emote but twice every ten levels you unlock 100 V-Bucks.  There’s also highly sought after character skins and dancing emotes, xp bonuses, but for me it was all about those V-Bucks.


After acquiring my battle pass I started practicing building each time I dropped in.  This is the hardest aspect of this game and can also be the most important. You can literally throw up a clubhouse around you in about 20 seconds protecting you and your teammates from enemy fire.  With windows added with a quick edit on the structure you can then return fire without being exposed. With a decent team and the use of a port-a-fort ( a grenade like device that builds a steel fort around you instantly) the structures can get really unique while sometimes being a pain in the ass to navigate.

The object of the game is to be the last team (or person depending on the game type) alive while trying to survive a deadly storm.  The storm shrinks every few minutes meaning if you’re not in the eye of the storm it deals damage to you and you die. After shrinking down a few times it leaves the battlefield quite small and this is where the chaos lies.  If you survive the initial drop in by acquiring a weapon (which can be found randomly on the map or in treasure chests) it becomes a game of scavenging unless you know where to find enemies at. Most people drop in right away or wait until a large city to be able to loot a lot, which means they normally are just in front of the storm as it shrinks.  If you hangout around there you get a lot of action and will probably die but it’s hella' fun.


It’s a really fun time waste that is cross platform and on mobile device so you can anywhere at almost anytime. So if you play on PS4 feel free to add me.  My user handle is Kingofnopants87.
We can waste some time together building a fort and shooting bad dudes in the head.

Posted on June 6, 2018 .