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Picasso's Pizza - Wichita, KS

While away from home, my goal is to eat only at places I can't find when back home.  Places unique to the area I'm visiting.


My aunt suggested we hit up a place called Picasso's Pizza in the Old Town section of Wichita. A place known for their HUGE pizzas and massive individual slices. A slice of pizza that lops over the sides of a food tray, because this "Za" is too big for a plate.


The menu has a wide selection of toppings to add in addition to their signature slices. Not only pizza was on the board though, they also have a wide variety of calzones, salads and more. Beyond the food, Picasso's has a massive beer selection to perfectly pair with any slice you may like.


I indulged in a meat heavy slice called the Heart Attack. So large are the slices, that the guy behind the counter asks you if you'd like it cut up into more manageable pieces. With a slice of pizza as long as your forearm, wrist and hand, it's sort of a must.

Now here comes the unique part, my cousin's daughter asked me if I was going to put honey on my slice. From the expression of "dafaq" on my face, she began to attempt to convince me that not only was she serious but that it was actually good. When the pizza arrived, so did the moment of truth and so did the honey.


The pizza was delicious; the taste and quality is not lost in the novelty of the giant slices. Even though the slice is massive, it is still manageable and not a waste because they don't go overly thick on the dough or heavy on the cheese, two things that tend to fill you up quickly. Now the honey... What can I tell you? I recently saw a group of people talking about combining peanut butter and chilli, something I can't imagine being good. Then again, I wouldn't think honey could go on pizza but even there, I was wrong. The sweetness of the honey is a perfect combination with the savory of the pizza, like strawberry jam on a sausage patty. I don't think it will be a regular addition to pizza for me but definitely deserves a revisit. 

So if ever you are up Kansas way, make sure to stop off at Picasso's for a huge slice of pizza and MAYBE a drizzle of honey.

Posted on July 14, 2018 and filed under Good Eatin!.

I Ate Some Of Those Taco Bell Fries.


I'm a Taco Bueno fan, a Buenohead as they're known in the community, so it's rare that I run for the border. The rarity comes whenever Taco Bell introduces some new novelty item be it a taco shell made of Doritos or now an excursion into french cuisine.

I imagine that some executive at Taco Bell saw this video and was inspired to appease the self important 20-somethings. If that is the case, good.


For a Taco Bell item, they are quite good and for a fast food french fry... They are really quite good. Thick and a nice crunch. They sort of taste like steak fries but with a hint of something more Taco Belly. I'm only guessing but I think they may dust them with Doritos powder. I also had two of their Loaded Grillers... That's all I have to say about that. I'm not disappointed at all that I had Taco Bell fries and as a Buenohead, that's saying something. 

Run to the Border, grab some fries and then go grab a Muchaco from Bueno. If you don't live in an are with a Bueno... Go eat a Del Taco or something. I don't know what you have near you. That's your thing.

Posted on March 3, 2018 and filed under Fast Foodnatic.