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Young Justice Will Return in OUTSIDERS


Today subscribers to the DC Universe video and comicbook app will get new episodes of Young Justice for the first time in six years. The cult hit was cancelled after a shortened 2nd season aired it’s finale episode in March of 2013 with Cartoon Network citing poor sales of the toy line based on the show as the primary reason.

Having seen other shows resurrected by exuberant fanbases Young Justice’s fans never gave up rallying behind the show,  forming Facebook groups dedicated solely to the show’s return, Twitter Campaigns, and organizing mass rewatchings of the show on Netflix in lieu of showing in the traditional ratings.

Their efforts were rewarded with the announcement in late 2016 that the show would return, though it wasn’t until early 2018 that its new home was revealed to be the brand new DC Universe App.

The fan-led #RenewYoungJustice campaign had given Warner Brothers concrete evidence of the show’s following and shown strong enough for it’s third season “Young Justice: Outsiders” to anchor the new app.

Subscribers to the DCU app have already been rewarded with exclusive Young Justice content before the show’s return by way of Season 1 & 2 episodes enhanced with added commentary from cast, creators, and fans plus a new comic to bridge the gap between seasons. 


With the second part of the comic releasing today in advance of the show’s new season becoming available tomorrow, fans are primed and ready for the six year wait to come to an end.

As a middleground between Netflix spoiling us with full season drops and the week-by-week release of DC Universe’s only previously released original show “Titans”, Young Justice’s 13 episode “Outsiders” season looks to be dropping in four blocks with episodes 1-3 tomorrow January 4th, episodes 4-6 January 11th, episodes 7-9 January 18th, and a supersized finale of episodes 10-13 on January 25th. I for one will be waiting up at midnight for the first installment.


Posted on January 4, 2019 .

RIP Stan Lee


It’s with our greatest regret that we must inform our readers that Stan Lee, the co-creator of so many of our favorite Marvel characters, and a personal hero of mine has, passed. Stan Lee and Jack Ruby’s characters were a staple in my childhood that taught me the difference between right and wrong. There wasn't a day that went by that one of his characters wasn't an influence in my life in some way. As I grew up the one thing that never changed was Stan Lee’s influence in my life, even to this day his creations still brings me joy. The following will be a remembrance of how his influence affected me throughout my life.


Some of my earliest memories are playing make believe in my grandparents backyard while pretending a trash can lid was Captain America’s shield and I was Cap. I also have fond memories of toting my Wolverine action figure to friends’ houses so we could have the X-men take down Magneto. My God damn underwear at this time in my life had tiny Marvel Characters on them (later in life as well). The only thing that kept me from fighting crime was the fact that I was a poor, overweight, and didn’t have super powers. The thought of missing the animated X-Men TV series after school was devastating, I would literally sprint off of the bus to not miss the intro because of how much I loved the music. A day didn’t pass in my childhood that i didn’t think of one of Stan’s creations.


In my teenage angst years I latched onto one of Stan’s darker creations, The Punisher. Frank Castle (The Punisher) was an ex Marine whos family was stolen from him by murderous mob members. Mistakenly thinking they killed Frank Castle with his family he swore vengeance on any evil doer that he crosses paths with. He knows killing won’t bring his family back, but as a trained killing machine and access to lots of high caliber weapons he can at least he can make sure no one else has to go through what he has with losing his family. The violence and bloodshed was what drew me to The Punisher in my teenage years, but in my later years it was him being the anti-hero in the Marvel universe that kept my love growing for him. As an adult I later had The Punisher skull tattooed on me as a tribute for the love of the character.


As an adult I got to meet Stan at a con. When I found out he was coming to Texas I had to meet him, plus it was a chance to wander around surrounded by all the geeky things I love so why wouldn’t I go? After purchasing my ticket and waiting in line the first thing I did was go to wait in another line to pay for the photo op opportunity. After that I realized it was only an our and a half til it was time for the photo op so not wanting to wait even longer than I had to I went ahead and waited in line for the op. I was 4th in line and excited as ever, it's not everyday you get to meet one of your heros, but the problem at hand was what would i say to him?


Would I be like the rest of the tools and thank him for what he has done for me, and tell him ’m his biggest fan? Should I tell him how much I love The Punisher? No Joshua you're better than that. Make him laugh, that’s the way to make it enjoyable for him and yourself. So as we were let into the room my mind was racing. Obviously it had to be something related to superheroes but what? That’s when it hit me. I heard an interview with Stan talking about how much he loved working with Kevin Smith and wanted to do another one of his movies with him, and Mallrats happens to be on of my favorite Kevin Smith films. So that does it. I'm going to ask him something profane about a superhero’s genitals.


So now it’s my turn to take a photo, as i walk up I make sure to turn my back to the camera guy as I shake Stan’s hand (so that way he couldn’t take our photo just yet) and ask him “ Mr. Lee, may I ask you a question?”, with an excited voice Stan replied, “Certainly!” So I asked “Can Mr. Fantastic stretch......” At this point I Leaned in closer to Stan and said, “Everywherrrreeeee?” he replied laughing, “ABSOLUUUUUTELY!” I laughed pretty hard as i leaned in for the photo with him and gave a double thumbs up, to my surprise (because for the first 3 people he didn’t say anything to or even get close to them for their photo) he pat me on the back and leaned in doing the double thumbs up with me still chuckling. So after a few hours it was time to pick up my photo and as I went up to the table full of photo I see mine.........It’s amazing! It’s the best one on the whole table! Everyone else’s was smiling, but like that "forced to smile for a yearbook" photo. MIne? He was cheesing! He was legit having a good time. Suck it nerds! I won the Stan Lee photos!


I hope everyone had a chance to meet this man. He was a kind, caring, loving man who will be dearly missed by his fans, friends, and family. Take this day to reflect on how he has affected us positively. Let’s all share memories with each other on what we love about him. I would like to think that’s how he would have wanted it.


Posted on November 12, 2018 .

Gotham by Gaslight REVIEW


Remember that time Batman hunted Jack the Ripper? If not then 1) you haven’t read Gotham by Gaslight, and 2) you, my friend, are missing out! The good news for those Batman fans among you who don’t go “full nerd” by reading the comics is that DC just released an animated version on Blu-ray and rental or purchase streaming platforms.

For my fellow “Full Nerds” who may have read the comic previously, a fresh story still awaits you. As the movie wastes no time establishing, this was not merely an adaptation of the original story but a new tale set in the same Victorian era. Usually I’d be the first to balk at straying so far from the source material, but the only thing wrong with the original comic was that there was not enough of it- this animated movie takes the time to flesh out what a Batman universe of the late 1800’s might be. That means a handful of appearances from the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery, none of whom appeared in the comic (aside from a brief mention of a repeat killer shown on a wanted poster to look an awful lot like The Joker). The addition of these familiar faces in the animated telling add a “Whodunnit” element to the plot where the source material did not leave much mystery.


Gotham by Gaslight the comicbook hit shelves in 1989 and was the first time DC officially used the branding “Elseworlds” - a distinction invented for reimaginings of familiar heroes’ origins for "one off” purposes. The comic was written by Brian Augustyn and illustrated by the talented Mike Mignola; if the latter name sounds familiar it’s because he'd later go on to create Hellboy and the rich universe that surrounded him. Mignola’s art style was perfect for the project, accomplishing a huge amount with his almost minimalist approach; heavy handed on the shadows in which The Ripper would hide and the Dark Knight has always thrived.


Almost 30 years later, Warner Bros made the perfect choice to parallel Mignola’s style on the animation side of things by using the equally concise character design of Bruce Timm, legendary artist behind Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, and countless others. He serves as Executive Producer on the movie and his team took the same approach as in his earlier Batman work- a color palette working largely in blacks, perfectly echoing the darkness of the subject matter.

It’s worth pointing out that while it shares Timm’s streamlined designs of “The New Batman Adventures”, Gotham by Gaslight is a dark departure not intended for kids. The movie is rated R for language and violence, a necessary tone for a story where the antagonist is one of the most famous serial killers of all time.


It would be impossible to further compare the book and film without spoiling one or both, but when the credits rolled, the new path this movie paved for it’s familiar title did not overshadow the enjoyability. Gotham By Gaslight is a steampunk-tinged murder mystery definitely worth checking out and one of DC’s better ‘straight to DVD’ features of recent years; a worthy addition to any Bruce Timm animation collection.


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Black Widow's Time Has Come... Finally.

News broke yesterday that after 5 appearances on the big screen since 2010, Marvel Studios is finally planning to give Black Widow her own solo movie. This of course will mean far more screen-time for the lovely Scarlett Johansson, which is something that, for the record, we here at Reservoir Geeks have always been in favor of.


After holding her own for the better part of a decade next to a giant green guy, a talking goatee, my wife’s free pass ([shaking fist at the sky] “Damn you, Chris Evans!!”), and everyone else’s wife’s free pass (Australian Fabio), Widow’s turn is well deserved. Of the movie’s original six Avengers, Hawkeye (who you probably didn’t even realize I omitted above) has been the only other hero who hasn’t had their own movie.


Not only is the first lady of the Marvel Cinematic Universe past due for getting her time in the spotlight, the current cultural climate is unquestionably primed for it. Female empowerment is experiencing a groundswell in the wake of exploitation scandals in Hollywood, Politics, and pretty much everything else ever. I know I’m not alone in wanting to see more superheroines kicking the asses of scumbags on the big screen.
I think they should go as far as to use Mole-Man as a villain in this movie just so we can see Harvey Weinstein’s Identical Twin get what’s coming to him. (Sure, Mole-Man is usually a foe of the Fantastic Four, but I really wanted to photoshop this into existence->)


The formula is proven, last Year’s Wonder Woman movie was both universally praised and also a box office hit; a singular accomplishment in DC’s sloppy movieverse. Given the established strength of the Marvel’s Film Universe, Black Widow could do the same for them without the name recognition. Seeing as they so recently hired screenwriter Jac Schaeffer to pen the film, there’s plenty of time to speculate on the details. Like where will the picture fit into Marvel’s carefully planned movie timeline? What new characters will show up? And most importantly, since Fox and Disney are merging, will Deadpool pop-in and break the fourth wall to try and collect an alimony check from real life his Ex-Wife?! 


Sign me up!!

Posted on January 12, 2018 .