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Who’s the Josh?

The creator of USA Network’s quirky detective series Monk has something new in the works with Netflix. Two days ago Netflix released the trailer for it’s new comedy detective series entitled The Good Cop. From the looks of the trailer this show is quite different from the rest of their Netflix originals. 


Official Trailer for the Netflix Original The Good Cop

Oh, did I mention that Josh Groban is the straight and narrow detective acting opposite his ex-cop/ex-con father played by Tony frikkin’ Danza? At first glance I’ll admit this is a pretty strange pairing. Danza has been laying low for what seems like 2 decades or more now and Groban isn’t an actor, is he? I took a deep dive into his IMDB profile and quickly realized that Groban has been stretching his comedy chops for years. Most of the time he’s played embellished versions of himself in random TV episodes and movies but he’s been pretty funny. If you find yourself lost in Groban black hole on YouTube I think you’ll find he’s pretty damn funny in interviews too. After watching the trailer it seems like Danza has reached the point in his career where his contract states his character must be named Tony and he gets to say at least 3 stereotypical charming old Italian man things per episode. But I think that type of  character may work in this setting. Netflix could really use a good light hearted comedy show and I hope Andy Breckman hit the mark with this one. 

What do you think? Do we have to wait for season 3 before we get a Judith Light and Alyssa Milano special guest episode?

Posted on July 31, 2018 and filed under News.