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This Band's Music Videos Are 80's B-Movie "Greatness"


Don Broco is an an alternative rock, pop, funk? band out of the UK. They've been around since 2008 and have released an impressive number of incredibly creative music videos, but they may have just struck music video gold with their latest two releases. What makes their two most recent videos so amazing is that when joined together they create what could be the greatest cyborg action 80's B-movie since...well, Cyborg. While Don Broco might not necessarily be your cup of tea when it comes to music, do yourself a favor and check out the videos below. The more I've watched them the more their strange blending of genres has wormed its way into my heart. 

Our story starts with "Come out to L.A." in which our main character and Don Broco's lead singer is killed in a freak car accident on the set of (ironically) a music video. He is subsequently resurrected, albeit with a few robotic body parts, by a mad scientist and the band's manager. Things don't end well for the band as the singer's robot arm goes crazy on the set of another music video and he suffers a literal meltdown. 

The story continues in "Greatness" (hands down my new favorite song of the week) which opens 10 years in the future in a sort of Mad Max dystopian apocalypse. Our robo-rocker is brought back to life a second time by an old man wandering the desert. The duo are soon captured and forced to compete in a sword fight/dance-off. The Beyond Thunderdome meets Game of Thrones aesthetic is anything but understated. The whole affair ends in a crazy amount of blood and gore and the band is finally reunited. 

That's it! Or is it? All good things come in threes and with "Greatness" being the second video and released only a week ago, one can only hope that the band has at least one more video in store to round out the story. 


Posted on June 18, 2018 .