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Stranger Things 3 Teaser and Titles!

Netflix decided to top off the weekend with a teaser trailer for season 3 of Stranger Things.

Much like the teaser for season 2, the titles of each chapter or episode are named and while they might not cause as much as excitement as "Halloween", they do set the scene of Summer '85 in Hawkins.

1)Suzie, Do You Copy?

2)The Mall Rats

3)The Case of the Missing Lifeguard

4)The Sauna Test

5)The Source

6)The Birthday

7)The Bite

8)The Battle of Starcourt

For me, personally, I'm excited for "The Mall Rats" being a ridiculous fan of some good vintage mall footage and teased earlier this year with the Starcourt Mall commercial below.

While we don't have a definite release date yet, we know it's coming soon and I'm holding out hope that we get a late spring/early summer release. Fingers crossed.

So what are you most looking forward to in Stranger Things 3? Let us know!

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The Happytime Murders: Not your Mama's Muppets


After years of speculation and dwindling hopes the trailer for The Happytime Murders dropped this morning! We first heard about this Sesame Street meets Se7en puppet-filled serial killer mash-up 6 years ago when concept art started circulating.  We're happy to report that the world where puppets and humans co-mingle seen in the trailer looks very true to what we saw in the concept art back in 2012. The Happytime Murders is the first feature film produced under the Henson Alternative brand and, to add to the excitement, Brian Henson (son of Jim Henson) still looks to be in the director's chair. It's great to see that all the things that made the initial reports sound so interesting haven't changed. Although we can't say we're too broken up about Melissa McCarthy taking on the lead role as opposed to Katherine Heigl...

Original Concept from March 2012

Original Concept from March 2012

Check out the red band trailer below!

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TRAILER PARK (5/6-5/12)

I wonder if Predators ever hunt anything besides humans... If only they would do a cross over with Mamma Mia and whoever keeps making Hotel Transylvanias. What a wonderful world we would have. 

GREAT The Predator

GOOD/GREAT Loving Pablo

GOOD Adrift

GOOD Searching

BAD Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

WTF Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
(Why can't we get another Monster House?)

So what do you think? I was a little on the fence with Harold Searched For Kumar, simply because the storytelling style if stolen from 2014's Unfriended. Anyway, let me know what you think.

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Trailer Park (4/29-5/5)

It's been a beat, right? 
Paul Rudd seems to be on a hot streak in the trailer game, Saban proves it's more than just Power Rangers, DC looks to have made a second good comic book movie (by sticking to the source material), an Ana Kendrick movie, and a couple of unneeded rehashes with Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom Jeans and Assasin's Robin Hood Creed. 
It's your one stop shop for the trailers from last week, all parked here in one spot!

GREAT Ant-Man and The Wasp

GREAT The Catcher Was a Spy

GOOD/GREAT Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

GOOD/GREAT The Yellow Birds

GOOD A Simple Favor

BAD Book Club

BAD Robin Hood

Was I wrong in any of my assessments? Sound off below! 

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Trailer Park #4

Happy Easter, y'all!
Sorry this post is getting out so late but between Ready Player One, work on the site, the frustrations of dealing with Google Suite and then the great Easter time spent with the family, this weekend was scheduled tiiiiiiight!
Here's the trailers from the last week descending order and, Happy Easter, they all look good or great!
That's how were doing things now; Great, Good/Great, Good, Bad or WTF.

GREAT: First Reformed

GREAT: The Darkest Minds


GOOD: Terminal

GOOD: The House With A Clock In Its Walls

So what do you kids think? Are you esspecially excited to see anything that was trailered this past week? Let us know!

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Trailer Park #3

Another week over and another week of great/questionable looking trailer! Though it is filled with some stellar servings, Action Point is one I was looking forward to but now has me a little worried.
We'll get to that in a moment, for now...

Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado
This is a great looking follow up to the 2015 film that remains a top film for many here at RGHQ. Full disclosure, I have not seen the original but now will give it a few watches before the sequel comes out.

It's hard to believe that this film is actually based on a true story but that doesn't make it look any less fun. The cast looks great and the story seems like if a bunch of eight year olds wrote The Hangover. There is nothing wrong with that.

The Titan
It seems as though Netflix is going hard with the sci-fi films and despite how little I liked Bright, I did rather enjoy Cloverfied Paradox. Additionally Sam Worthington is proving himself to be an actor who focuses mainly at playing characters who end up being something else. Netflix has been sort of hit or miss so only time will tell with The Titan.

Under The Silver Lake
Whenever a trailer starts with the A24 logo, you know you're about to see something special. This trailer is no exception. It definitely has an It Follows feels to it but also feels like The Good Guys as well. I had yet to see this particular trailer until writing this and it has me the most excited I've been in months. I love a good suspense comedy.

The Spy Who Dumped Me
Chick flicks tend to all end up looking the same but The Spy Who Dumped Me seems to have spliced a chick flick with a buddy comedy and spy thriller. Not since Bridesmaids came out has a chick flick looked this original. It's almost like what Snatched was trying to do but with actual writing and story. I'll be there.

Hard to believe that they have already remade the Tom Hanks, Kumar Pallana movie but they have. Looks way different and most shockingly, Mike Meyers is in it. Seriously though, who knows what the hell is going on in this trailer. 

Deadpool 2
I've already talked about Deadpool 2 before so I'll just touch on a few things, namely the X-Force outfit that pops up twice in this trailer. There is a lot of substance in this trailer and it looks like as much fun as the first outing. Fingers crossed it's more GOTG Vol.2 and less Kick-Ass 2.

Action Point
I've loved Jackass since episode one. All the movies are great and I really enjoyed Bad Grandpa, so when I first heard about this Action Point, I was excited. I could not watch this trailer fast enough and when it was over, I watched it again to make sure my disappointment wasn't just a side-effect of my excitement. It was not. Hopefully before it comes out they can somehow work the stunts in less ham-handedly. Even though Bad Grandpa broke the formula of introducing each stunt, it was still reality based for the people it was happening to. Can Jackass stunts work in a scripted film? What say you?

Until next week. The Trailer Park is closed.

NOTE: I know I didn't write about Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.
You're welcome.

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Trailer Park #2

For your easy watching pleasure and enjoyment, here is your weekly smattering of the watch worthy trailers. I have to be honest with you, they're all pretty good looking this week.
No Show Dogs here!

Sorry To Bother You
This one looks amazing! The visuals alone are enough to get excited about but the backstory to the actual making of the film are amazing in and of itself. I am looking very forward to this.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
I was quite indifferent about the first Fantastic Beasts mostly due in part to the lack of a magical world but this outing seems to be returning to it's Harry Potter roots. The question I hope this one answers is, why can't Johnny Depp ever just look normal in a movie anymore? 

Life Itself
Do you ever finish crying your way through an episode of NBC's This Is Us and think to yourself, "I could cry twice as long"? Well, great news! Amazon teamed up with creator of TIU to tear your heart out of your chest. I'm totally fine with that.

Part Nicholas Sparks, part Open Water. This feature length commercial for lotion look intriguing but will it introduce a new genre of romantic-survival films? Only time will tell...

Ready Player One - Dreamer
It's so close I can taste it and every little tidbit of footage that comes out is like the smell of cookies in the oven. We here at Reservoir Geeks HQ are pumped for RPO and March 29th cannot come soon enough!

Can You Ever Forgive Me?
I love Melissa McCarthy and I have grown quite tired of her movies just being fat joke after fat joke. When I hit play on this trailer I was for sure it was just going to be another Tammy and God was I wrong. Despite the fact that some awesome trailers came out this week, this is the one that got me most excited. 

Avengers: Infinity War
I'm not going to pretend that this is the first place you watched this trailer but here it is anyway. It's worth a rewatch. The big joke is how many heroes they've crammed into this movie but it is what the entire MCU has been building toward. I don't care if it's overkill, honestly. I'm looking forward to the interactions of characters that was teased here with Star Lord and Tony and even better with Peter and Dr. Strange. Obviously, this is going to be amazing!

And there you have, the trailer worth seeing this week and on an upside NO SHOW DOG! 

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Trailer Park #1

Here's a smattering of the trailers that came out this week that we felt were worth mentioning. Some are on here because they legitimately look good and the other one is Show Dog.

I think I speak for all of us here at Reservoir Geeks HQ when I say we are excited about this one. Netflix's movie staring the lads and a few others from the Comedy Central Show Workaholics in a Die Hard-esque action-comedy? Yes, please!

What would be better than watching tennis star an notorious fight against assimilation upon the Starship Enterprise? Watching the real life drama behind the scenes of the match between McEnroe and  Björn Borg. Listen, I'm a tennis fan and I always loved John McEnroe, if only for his temper, with which I identify. Interestingly, Shea LeBeouf stars as McEnroe and from the looks of the trailer, this may be a come back role for him. Let's hope.

Though I grew up a fan of the Christmas classic and Jim Carrey, I was underwhelmed by the movie that came out in 2000. The folks at Illumination Studios seems to have done something special here with an over arching story that spans beyond just Christmas. It's hard to be 100% sure but it's better than showing a town full of people pick on a hariy green deformed child for one third of a movie.

There isn't a whole lot provided, as this is just a teaser but it looks like Hook with a touch of Ted. A combination that seems okay on the outset but we'll see. Who am I kidding, it's Disney.

Same thing as Christopher Robbins, there isn't much to get from this teaser. I am excited to see how it goes. Again, it's Disney so they're firing on all cylinders. Maybe I should invest...

And now this pile of garbage. I can't fathom how Hollywood has a blacklist of scripts when movies like this get greenlit all the time. The most upsetting part about the trailer is that Stanley Tucci is involved. Not much of a surprise though considering Kevin Spacey was in Nine Lives. You know before the whole, rhymes with "schm-edophilia" thing. 

Well there you have it. What movie(s) are you looking forward to seeing? Would you take your kid to see Show Dog or just hit them with a shovel? Let us know!

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Ralph Breaks The Internet TRAILER

The trailer starts out on a high with a character who looks like Walter Day from Twin Galaxies hooking up internet at the arcade, unfortunately that is the highlight. 

The first Wreck It Ralph created an amazing world that existed inside the arcade with tons of references to character we grew up with and love. From the looks of this trailer those are replaced with a world filled with physical versions of websites. An idea that seems unique upon first glance but was touched upon in Chapelle Show and last year's travesty that was the Emoji Movie.

This is just a teaser and my hopes are as more trailers are released it will ring back to the magic of the first film. We will see what happens on Thanksgiving when the final product is released.

Fingers crossed. 


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Sweep the leg Johnny!


YouTube Red has had some real stinkers as far as original content goes but this one looks to be a hit... We hope. 

There are theories out there that Danny Larusso is the real villain of the film series and it would be interesting if that idea was explored in this series. The trailer doesn't really show whether or not this is a comedy but at this point, I'll take anything over lil' Will Smith and Jackie Chan. 

To hold you over until the premiere of Cobra Kai, eenjoythe hit song Sweep The Leg by No More Kings.



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