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Mario Kart Tournament - Winter Geek Games 2018


The final competition for of Geekthletes took the most endurance with a octuple elimination Mario Kart tournament that consumed the entire day. When it was all said and done only three went home with the coveted dice. 
Here are three races from the unbelievable 169 (the math adds up) that left our geeks exhausted and wondering why it was still going on. Color commentary provided by Mario Kart veterans Dick Roundhouse and Sam Scrotum. 

If you're wondering what made these three races stand out from the endless hours of others, it was that Andy never shut his trap the entire time. One day a highlight reel from the races might be made available but that will be after months of therapy and tons of cocaine. 
Here's how the tournament actually ended up:

Geek Game Dice.png

GOLD          BRIMS



We thank you for joining us on this very first Geek Games and hope it provided entertainment over the actual Olympics for you! The closing ceremonies were beautiful and included Josh Mazur riding on the back of a Bengal Tiger but chaos ensued when an errant roman candle fired too close to the majestic beast and it jumped the wall of the enclosure attacking many spectators. Once out of the venue the big cat disappeared into some high grass with Josh still tied to it's back. Days later Mazur was found disoriented and pantsless eating a 7/11 hotdog (bunless) in downtown Dallas. In all the commotion the camera capturing all of this was dropped and and stampeded upon by the frantic crowd. 
Here is an artist rendering of exactly how it looked the moment tragedy struck.


Join us in 2020 for the Summer Geek Games!

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Ski Jump - Winter Geek Games 2018


The first event in the Winter Geek Games is the Ski Jump off PS2's Torino 2006. 
Each Geek picks a country to compete for and the others take turns providing the color commentary with the wonderful political correctness of you great-grandparents.
Watch here to see who will go home a winner and also what Andy did. 

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