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Podcasts We Listen To: Dirty John


After listening to the wildly entertaining Dr. Death, I decided to delve into the slightly older sister podcast Dirty John. What I was hoping for was more of the same but was surprised to discover that even though it had the same familiar beats and pace of Doctor Death, Dirty John was a crazier story on a much more intimate level.


The six part series covers the horrific relationship of Debra Newell and her too good to be true doctor boyfriend and eventual husband, John Meehan. During the first five episodes I was intrigued and fascinated  by the loonacy that is John Meehan but confused as to why this story was any more worthy than others.  Then the last episode happened... And that's all I will say. Just listen for yourself BEFORE the Bravo miniseries begins on November 25th.

You will not be disappointed. 

The Dirty John podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts.

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Serial: A Return To Form


After over two years Serial is back and, in one episode, seems better than ever. With a change in formula season three now focuses on "one courthouse week by week" differing from the previous seasons which covered one case week by week. 

The first season which famously covered the murder of Hae Min Lee and the conviction of Adnan Syed was captivating, causing listeners to speculate on whether or not Syed was indeed the killer or just another victim of the murder. The podcast not only made amateur detectives of everyone listening but also promoted a new trial of Adnan set for 2019. It set the standard that so many podcasts strive for when covering true crime.

Unfortunately the second season, for me at least, left a lot to be desired with an in-depth investigation into the Bowe Bergdahl case. Perhaps it was the large scale of the case that was off-putting since the majority of America had dismissed Bergdahl as a soldier who just abandoned his post or maybe it was just too ambitious to cover a case that was already so big. Either way, season two lacked the intrigue found in the first season.  

In the interim, Serial teamed up with This American Life to produce S-Town. A podcast that, though wasn't a trial, grabbed the attention of the listener the same way season one did AND had all episodes streaming from day one. With S-Town's popularity it proved that going into a story blind was far more enjoyable than trying to change the minds that had already been fed with countless hours of coverage on a big news story.

Season three of Serial hits the ground running covering individual felony court cases out of Cleveland, Ohio. Instead of sitting on one case over a season we will be treated to multiple cases over the span of the next few months and I could not be happier.  

Serial: Season Three: Episode One AND Two are available by clicking HERE or going to wherever it is that you get your podcasts! 


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