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Mixed Up Burgers: Review


If a burger is a blank canvas, the guys at Mixed Up Burgers sure do paint a pretty picture.

Located in an unassuming strip mall behind a Circle K is far west Grand Prairie is a gem of a burger establishment. Mixed Up Burgers twist on the classic is they mix in the topping into the patty. They have all manner of mix-ins and topping to choose from so let your heart be your guide and build the burger of your dreams.


Including a vast selection of pre designed burgers, they feature a Burger Of The Month. This months BOM is the Chorizo Burger. It’s 10 oz of Chorizo & Fresh Ground Beef with pepper jack cheese mixed in cooked to perfection on a flat-top grill. It is served on a well toasted telera bun with avocado mash, pico, lettuce and cotilla cheese.


Once I saw that on the menu, I knew I had to have it. I paired it with a side of well-done, natural cut fries.


I have had Chorizo burgers in the past, and while good, they are often a greasy mess. I don’t know what the ratio of chorizo to beef they used, but it was perfect. All the chorizo flavor stayed in the burger and not running down your arm. Truth be told, I’m not much of an avocado/guac person, but it was a welcome addition to this beauty. It added just the right amount of creaminess without muting everything out. The veggies and the pico were fresh and had a nice crunch. All in all, a very well put together burger.


The fries were also a welcome treat. I always order freshly cut fries well done since it’s hard to get them nice and crispy. Im talking to you In-N-Out Burger. They did these fries right! Perfectly crispy and well seasoned, just as a fry should be.

If you are looking for a good burger and a local business to support, give Mixed Up Burgers a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Mixed Up Burgers

510 E. Ave K

Grand Prairie, TX
Tel: 972.606.6700

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Collins Burger Mart: A Review


I learned a long time ago not to judge a book by its cover. The "book" I want to talk about today is Collins Burger Mart. It is an unassuming little place that shares the space with a Conoco that is easy to miss. Its small, with only 3 tables and very dated, but clean. By the constant phone orders being taken while I was there, its obvious they cater to the take out crowd.

Lets dig in and see what we find.


I ordered the #1 combo which is a cheeseburger, fries and a can of your drink of choice. I opted to add bacon because, well, bacon. All total, it set me back $8 and change. The box is full with fries and a nicely wrapped burger. Things are looking good so far!


In my excitement, I neglected to take a pic with the top bun on.

The burger has nice color and caramelization from the well seasoned flat-top grill, 3 strips of bacon, good old American cheese and mustard. There is a standard compliment of lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion hiding under the massive patty. They don't specify the weight, but my guess its a 1/3 pound, bun sized patty. As any good burger should be, no bite will be meat free. 


Oh my! Guys, this is a great burger! It not fancy or pretentious and doesn't claim to be anything its not. Its just a damn good cheese burger! Perfectly cooked patty that's juicy, but wont drip down your arm and cause a soggy bun. The veggies are nice and fresh and give plenty of good crunch. Honestly, the bacon leave something to be desired. I kinda forgot it was there, but it wasn't bad. Truth be told, and purists, please forgive me, but it tastes like Whataburger! For those living outside the south, that's about the highest complement a burger can get.

If somehow, burgers aren't your thing, they do have plenty of other offerings on the menu. I would like to try more, but that burger... its just so good!


I had heard whispers of good things about this place, but in all honesty, I didn't expect much. I was just plain wrong, and I glad I was. If you know of a little dive or hole-in-the-wall with food to write home about, please let us know in the comments. We are always looking for that diamond in the rough.

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Life On A Bun: #1 An Introduction

Dale's Revenge   at Pints & Quarts in Dallas. Photo: Chris Durbin

Dale's Revenge at Pints & Quarts in Dallas. Photo: Chris Durbin

If there's one thing I love: it's hamburgers. I could eat them everyday. I'm sure my life expectancy would take a hit, but if the burgers are good I might make the sacrifice.

I own multiple burger related shirts.

Born to Grill   by Tony Riff. Buy it  HERE .

Born to Grill by Tony Riff. Buy it HERE.

I even follow a few "burger-porn" accounts on Instagram. I'm not ashamed.

Follow  BURGER DUDES  on Instagram.

Follow BURGER DUDES on Instagram.

As you can see, I take my burgers very seriously. I've decided to chronicle my beef (or maybe something exotic) odyssey here. This is my Life On A Bun! Don't you just love movies and TV shows where they say the title? We're trying that with blogs.

I figure the best place to start is with my latest obsession: Dale's Revenge at Pints and Quarts in Dallas.

Just look at that thing... Photo: Chris Durbin

Just look at that thing... Photo: Chris Durbin

Here's what Dale is packing:

  • Quarter Pound Patty
  • Crispy Onion Strings
  • Habanero Cheese
  • Chunky Guac
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • Dale's Secret Sauce
  • all on a Toasted Potato Bun

This burger took me by surprise. I'm normally not a guacamole person AT ALL. I wouldn't eat it on chips let alone on a burger. If a sandwich comes topped with avocado it's probably going on the ground, that's how much I dislike avocado. On any normal day I would have chosen something different on the menu, but the rest of the toppings just sounded sooo good I couldn't pass it up. Worse case scenario my wife would just scrape it off an viola! - dinner for two (kidding). Willing to try most things once, I dove in. That guac that I so often avoid paired perfectly with the thick peppered bacon and wonderfully seasoned patty. The guac itself, which to my taste is so often a flavorless void of mush, was so chock full of garlic and onion-y goodness and a healthy sprinkle of salt that I might even consider eating it alone. And that bacon?!? None of that thin, over cooked crispy business here. These are thick, tender slices of bacon. The kind of bacon you wished they'd fashion snap bracelets out of so you could snack on the go. The onion strings, always a favorite on a burger, added a nice change in texture to balance out the soft, creamy aforementioned guac (I feel like I'm saying guac a lot). The cheese was melty and just kind of melded with the secret sauce adding a nice little layer of heat. That tower of power was capped with a nicely toasted potato bun with just the right amount of crunch and chew.

I'm obsessed! Dale's Revenge serves as a turning point in my burger journey. I'll definitely be more apt to try guacamole on a burger, although it might be hard to live up to that first, and second, impression (I went back for another one the following week.) 

Pints & Quarts can be found at 5434 Ross Ave. Dallas Texas 75206

For those of you closer to downtown Dallas, P&Q will be coming to the Oak Lawn area soon!

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