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Brimhall’s Words Wisdom #2

"Don’t be afraid to use video game strategies in the real world”


While headed to work and running late (per the usual) a semi-truck pulled out in front of me in a no passing zone.  Instead of doing the right thing and just riding his ass angrily while swearing up a storm I decided to go around him.  Upon getting about halfway past the semi I realized  that the car about three car lengths in front of the semi was a state trooper…….. Great start to the morning right?  Well as he pulls to the side of the road with his lights on to wait for me to pass and pull me over I realize there’s a road on my right and he is parked in front of another road on his right.  These two roads lead to another connecting road (see connected map below I’m sure this is confusing in text) where he could head me off for the stop.  Well as I turned onto the road I said out loud “I’mma Pac-Man this bitch”.  


You see I’ve been playing Pac-Man since before I could really remember.  Anywhere I would go as a child and a pre-teen there would be a Mrs. Pac-Man/Galaga cabinet.  Seriously you could go to a pee-wee football game and there would be a cabinet plugged into a extension cord near the bleachers. So needless to say I’ve had plenty of practice playing these games and was also the first thing to pop into my mind while trying to avoid this ticket I really didn’t  want to pay for.  One of the strategies I use while playing Pac-Man is that I wait near a power pellet and when most, if not all, of the ghost come close I grab the power pellet and double back to eat the ghost for the 1600 bonus points.


Back to the situation at hand, as I pulled down the street I get about three houses down and pull into the driveway to wait (just like in Pac-Man near the power pellet). Not even fifteen seconds later I see the state trooper hauling ass headed down the road that was parallel with the current one I was on, he was trying to head me off at the pass.  That’s when your boy Brimmy here decided to double back and head to work.  Needless to say I got to work five minutes early and had an okay blueberry muffin for breakfast.  
Use these strategies we all learned for more than just a high score, use them to cause minor chaos in other people’s everyday life.  Use them for pure evil if you must, but just remember to use them.


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