The Buzzed Buzz: New Main Brewing Co. 1 year later

With a year under their belt, I got a chance to sit down with David and Amanda, owner-operators, of New Main Brewing Co and see how the year went and plans for the future. I'll be honest and say what started as a neat place to grab a beer, has turned into one of my favorite watering holes.


Last time we checked, they were still waiting on the proper licencing to start selling their own beer. That hurdle has long since been jumped. As a matter of fact, at their 1 year anniversary that just passed, they served nothing but their own beeriful creations and as of this writing, they are brewing on their new production level system! To pay tribute to how it all began, the first beer out of the new system will be their award winning Pantego Porter. The beer that started it all.


We talked about some of the hurdles they faced throughout the year and they faced many of the same problem other small business owners face. When you have to rely on contractors to get work done, you can throw your timeline down the drain along with all the hair you are losing. You are on their timeline now. But, they bobbed, weaved and adapted to the situation by focusing on the tap room and creating a space for everyone to enjoy.

I asked David what was his goal for opening New Main? Why do it? Why put yourself through the stress and hardship hanging your shingle? His answer is what makes this place so special. “We started this business, New Main Brewing Co, to be a community center. And the most fulfilling thing that we see, and we see it every day, is people coming in, seeing the potential, stretching out and making themselves at home, playing games having conversations. We built this place for people to enjoy their life.”


New Main is a place you can find something going on just about any night of the week. Trivia nights, stand-up comedy and live music are just some of the things you will find happening. Some of their big events of the year were the Pantego Music Festival, a full day of local live music and the Blockbuster Ball, an 80’s movie costume Halloween party. Both of which were a big success and planned to be repeated this year.


If you happen to find yourself with a pint in your hand and realize you forgot to get your S.O. or in-law a gift of some sort, they have you covered, you can head upstairs and check out some local shops including Jenna-Rosity Gifts selling fun trinkets, gifts and their fresh roasted coffee or Young At Heart selling vintage toys and local art.

Of all the great beers and fun things they offer, the thing thats stands out most to me is the people. David and Amanda do a great job of listening to you and making you feel at home. Behind the bar, you can find Nathan, Bridget and Andy to help you figure out just the right beer for you and regale you with conversation.


All-in-all, New Main brewing Co. is a special, community forward place, where you can feel at home. 2019 is shaping up to be a great year and I for one, can't wait to see how high they fly.


Posted on March 5, 2019 .