Stop What You're Doing And...Letterkenny!


Navigating the world of series-streaming is hard. There are SO MANY options out there. The plethora of shows and the pressure to make good use of your screen time can lead to stream paralysis. Well, let me help you out of a bind and offer a suggestion to take your mind off that difficult decision.

Letterkenny is a comedy series centered around the day to day life of the residents of a small town in Canada. Most residents of Letterkenny fall into one of three factions: the hicks (farmers), the skids (druggies), and hockey players (they play hockey). Hick siblings Wayne and Katy and their friends Daryl and Squirrely Dan are at the center of this strange universe and the bulk of the series deals with their interactions with the other two groups. Katy seems to be the common denominator as hockey players Reilly and Jonesy are involved in some weird sexual love triangle with her and skid Stewart is secretly in love with her. Wayne has recently sworn off fighting but gets dragged back into the fray when assorted locals begin jockeying for the title of toughest in Letterkenny. Daryl and Dan are Wayne's best friends and thus not far behind in all of his exploits.


The best way to describe the tone and feel of the show is a cross between early Kevin Smith and the Trailer Park Boys. The dialog is quick and snappy and instantly quotable although the subject matter is definitely not high brow. All of that toilet humor isn't without substance though (eww) as there are some clever observations buried in there. They guys have some pretty funny things to say about social media when they set up their own platform called "FartBook" for friends to share farts with their friends. 


Letterkenny probably won't be your new favorite show, but it will definitely grant you a few chuckles while you wait for your favorites to return or for the next new sensation to drop. 


Seasons one and two of Letterkenny are available to stream on Hulu. 

Posted on August 13, 2018 .