Space Oddities - August: Sweet Tooth Hotel

I decided that once a month in 2018, I’m going to take a quick trip to explore/see/do/hear something weird and unusual in the space around me. I’m calling these Space Oddities and this is August…

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Over the last few years, there’s been a pop-up art installation trend across the country. Heard of the Museum of Ice Cream? Or the Color Factory? These are full-on themed art experiences you’re encouraged to immerse yourself in… touch, smell, hear, see, sometimes even taste. Unfortunately, unless you want to fly out to California, New York, or Florida, there’s been no interactive fun in Dallas. Until this summer.

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The Sweet Tooth Hotel is a small storefront on Victory Park Lane in Dallas. It’s cute, but unassuming from the outside; once you check yourself in with a concierge, however, a sweet world awaits you.

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The hotel is a five-room art installation by Dallas artists Jeremy Biggers, Shamsy Roomiani, Jojo Chuang, Rob Wilson and Chelsea Delzell. There’s a Ring Pop cactus infinity room, a dreamy hallway with clouds that respond to sound, a donut diner bathroom (complete with furry tub - I do not recommend touching the fur after the thousands that have done so before), a candy crazy bedroom & kitchen, and a stuffed animal carnival fun house via a refrigerator portal (definitely my favorite room).

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My visit to the Sweet Tooth Hotel was only a few weeks after my visit to Meow Wolf, so it was hard not to compare the two experiences (I mean, they both have fridge portals!). Meow Wolf is vast and intricate compared to Sweet Tooth Hotel and there’s really no fair comparison, so I decided to enjoy my Sweet Tooth Hotel visit for what it was - a fun, 60-minute, selfie-indulgent escape from an otherwise stupidly hot Texas afternoon.  

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If you’d like to visit the hotel, I’m sad to report you’re out of luck. It’s sold out entirely through August and that’s the end of its run. But! I did hear from a nearby shop owner after we left that there are already plans to revamp the space into another pop-up, this time space-themed… yes! I’d definitely go back and pay another $20 for that art voyage.

Posted on August 12, 2018 and filed under Space Oddities.