I ate the Munchie Mashups at Jack In The Box


To the delight of the late night, stoner food culture, Jack In The Box added some new players to the line up. Introducing the $3 Munchie Mashups. We have the Jack'd Jalapeno Hash, Wakey Bakey Hash and H'angry Chicken Hash. For better or worse, I decided to try all three. Why not...

jack jap.JPG

First up is the Jack'd Jalapeno Hash. They take 2 crispy Hash Brown patties and smother it in melted white cheese, jalapenos, bacon and pepper jack cheese. 

Its pretty much a mess of cheese, jalapenos and bacon on some smooshed hash browns. For 3 bucks, its not much of a value. I can see the appeal. They should sell a few the their target audience.


Jack Wake (1).JPG

Next, we have the Wakey Bakey Hash. For this bad boy, they cover the hash browns and white cheese sauce with bacon, pepper jack and a fried egg.

Don't let the looks fool you, this one was pretty tasty. I imagine this was the impetus for the trilogy of mashups. It makes the most sense. Its also a pretty good deal for the money. It has all the best parts of an unhealthy breakfast!


Jack buf.JPG

To complete the trio, we have the H'angry Buffalo Hash. We start with the aforementioned hash browns and white cheese sauce and cover them with chicken nuggets, Franks RedHot and ranch.

This one surprised me. I think I enjoyed it the best and it is by far the best value. The melted cheese work perfect with the chicken and Franks with the crispy hash browns being a perfect complement to the textures.

The verdict. Are they good? Sure. Will I get them again? Probably not. In no way is that a reflection of the final product, im just not the target audience.



Posted on August 10, 2018 and filed under Fast Foodnatic.