It hurts to say, but we're getting older and finding new music can be tough. I'm hoping to help. I'm on constant lookout for exciting new artists and catchy new tunes and I'll gladly share with you the fruits of my Spotify searches. 

Yungblud aka Dominic Harrison is a 19 year old from across the pond, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England to be precise. His brand of socially conscious ska and hip-hop has been ringing in my ears since I first heard him a couple months ago while doing recon before Warped Tour. If you're a fan of the Arctic Monkeys then you should feel right at home with Yungblud's first album. He's got punk rock swagger and the stingingly cynical/satirical lyrics to match. Many allusions to mental health and medication are made and to those going through the trials and tribulations of high school the album is filled with anthem-worthy songs. 


Now, having seen him perform live at Warped Tour, I can also attest to his ability as a performer. Every drop of the energy felt in his songs is delivered in person. And not just energy, love, too. He seems to truly love performing and he loves the people he's performing for. This was made even more evident as I watched him meet and interact with people after his set. Every person was greeted with a huge hug and a smile - not something easily mustered after a tip-toeing performance in the Texas heat. 

If you watched the latest season of Thirteen Reasons Why you might recognize the song below. 

Next is probably one of my favorite songs from Yungblud and now that I know the story behind the lyrics I love it that much more. The lyrics tell the tale of a young couple, Jason and Clare, from a bad part of town in Sheffield, England. One day, Jason decides to propose to Clare by spray painting "I love you, will you marry me" on the side of a bridge spanning the way between two apartment buildings. This little bit of graffiti would go on to be copied, marketed, and eventually traced in neon when the apartment (more like projects) were renovated and turned into trendy lofts. It has been printed on shirts and beer labels meanwhile Clare has died and Jason is homeless. If you want to read the full story you can find it HERE.

Here's a photo of the graffiti in question. 

photo courtesy of Urban Splash and the original Guardian article

photo courtesy of Urban Splash and the original Guardian article

Great stuff, right?!? I'll leave you with one more song and hopes that you'll add Yungblud to your playlists. His first album, 21st Century Liability, just dropped on July 6th. 

Posted on July 9, 2018 .