Teen Titans Go! To The Movies - Review


With summer winding down, and the current heat wave in Texas seeming to come to a simmer, my son and I decided to catch a movie.  With MoviePass being the price gouging monsters they currently are, we made sure to beat the afternoon and all weekend price surge by catching Teen Titans Go! To the Movies at 10 am (look for my next article about how unhappy I am with this subscription service I’m stuck with).  As my son and I sat down and slowly watched the theater crowd pack in I realized I made a mistake.  I took my Eight year old to an opening weekend cartoon movie… My son is great and very respectful of other people viewing experience, but I knew for a fact that the other 3 to 9 years olds who were literally lead in on tethers weren’t going to be. Lucky for us,  the adults of these heathen children sat on each side of us, at least giving us a semi-barrier from the chaos. Now, before I get into how this movie is a summer box office sleeper, I want to give you my history of Teen Titans, Go!

My son introduced me to this show after I was forced to issue a strict (but deserved) no Spy Kids policy in our household. After a few days of intense battling and a grounding, my son decided to see what was on Cartoon Network instead of trying to sneak stream a Spy Kids movie under his bed and hidden beneath a blanket. There was a marathon on and he happened to start it at episode one, so after about two hours of hearing him laugh and run for snacks during the commercial breaks, I decided to see what he was watching. I was hesitant at first because I’m not a big DC fan at all, I’ll be the first to tell you other than Batman and The Watchmen I don't really enjoy the DC Universe that much and I didn’t really watch the original Teen Titans animated series, but after catching two episodes with him, I was hooked. It was a different side of DC I hadn’t seen before. One that poked fun of it shortcomings and other franchises as well, while still being a cutesy newer animated show.  So I was looking forward to catching this film with him since it was announced. Also,  I know there’s a lot of the original animated series fans who absolutely hate this show, but if you take it for what it is (a modern day Looney Toons meets a superhero show) it’s really funny and well written.


Now, with that out of the way and without spoilers I’m going to let you know how you can’t let your summer end without catching this movie somewhere.  Even with a super crowded theater and loud kids I still enjoyed this trip to the movies because Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was fun from beginning to end. With a surprise cast of talent and a cameo that killed my son and me, it had something for everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY! If you listen closely you can catch who the Justice League was voiced by and a few other characters as well.  My favorite had to been the “subtle” yet obvious cameo made by Stan Lee….. Yes that Stan Lee. The Marvel forefather himself.  It also had something for you original animated series fans as well (wait for the after credits scene, I’ll bet you’ll be glad you came).  There was the typical cartoon movie plot where it had to incorporate in a message how children can better themselves by not being selfish assholes like one of the characters in the movie, but even with that plot point, the flick delivered it with enough humor to where it wasn’t unbearable as an adult to watch. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend or just have some free time to kill I HIGHLY recommend you catching Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. It really is a pleasant break from what DC is currently trying to do with their universe.

Posted on July 28, 2018 and filed under Movie Reviews.