Thunderdome, More Like Blunderdome.

Recently my girlfriend informed me that she hadn’t seen any of the Mad Max films……. I know but I promise she’s a keeper. So I made sure to change that. I owned the first flick (which we watched) but I had seen The Road Warrior so many times on cable that it became one of my favorite flicks that, for some reason, I didn’t own it. So off to Walmart I went and upon arriving I saw a two pack deal of The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome for $3. FUCKING SOLD!


After arriving home and popping that bad boy in we were excited to watch the 3rd installment of the franchise.  We were wrong for looking forward to it.  I remember seeing the film two times in my life and wondered why I hadn’t seen it more.  I was quickly reminded.  This wasn’t the lovely little indie film like the first two, this was a major motion picture monster ramming it's huge budget in your face right away.  From the heavy 80’s music blaring over the title credits to the hundreds of extras in Barter Town, this movie had some cash to throw around compared to the first two.

The props and sets looked amazing especially the vehicles,  but all that was for nothing for me.  The PG13 rating and The Goonies-like feeling killed this film. I could forgive the over acting of Tina Turner and the bad writing, but god damn it I will not forgive the horrible idea of trying to make this film a cash cow!  I see why another film wasn’t made until a few years ago.


There were so many cringe worthy parts in this film I don't even know where to start.  The simple fact that nobody's seen on screen dying infuriated me just as much as the slapstick comedy they deemed was needed for the children seeing this movie. Also, might I add, not one pair of post apocalypse knockers….. Not one pair! If you plan on watching this pile I’d kindly ask you not to.

Posted on July 26, 2018 and filed under Movie Reviews.