5 Upcoming Non-Superhero Movies You Should Be Excited About

Years ago when Hollywood finally adopted comic books as legitimate reference material I was very excited. Year after year each hero seemingly out-supered the last and suddenly every sci-fi movie was epic.

It was great!

Until it wasn't...

The DC Universe is filled with more misses than hits. Marvel seems to keep pumping out quality films but even the most ardent fan should recognize they are starting to be more formulaic than the Sharknado movies. Star Trek lost it's director to Star Wars and Star Wars is finding out what a saturated market feels like after Solo's lackluster showing. Don't get me wrong, I love that they all exist but every now and then I need a break from starships and spandex. Here are 5 Non-Superhero movies you should be excited about:

The Little Stranger.jpg

5.The Little Stranger

This period piece starring Domhnall Gleason and Ruth Wilson looks creepy, confusing, twisted, and fantastic. With all the superhero movies in recent years horror is probably my most ignored genre. A focus on film making from director Lenny Abrahamson (Oscar nominated for Room) and not just jump scares has me excited. 


4. Replicas

A scientist becomes obsessed with bringing back his family members who died in a traffic accident. Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve star in in a film that seems like a lovechild of I,Robot and Her. Anytime you can put the Sad Keanu Meme in a movie I'm all in. 

Mile 22.jpg

3. Mile 22

Watching the Trailer for this movie makes me think that Mark Wahlberg was just jealous that he was never cast as Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne. I might hate this movie but it has so many people that I enjoy that I will see it anyway. John Malkovich in a major movie is always a treat that you can't deprive yourself of no matter how Wahlbergery the plot looks. Marky Mark seems to do good work with Peter Berg at the helm too.


2. BlacKkKlansman

It's been a hot minute since I felt excited about a Spike Lee Joint but the buzz can't be ignored. It is arguably the hottest film to emerge from festival season. Surprising performances from Topher Grace as David Duke and Denzel's baby boy (John David Washington from HBO's Ballers) as Ron Stallworth are reportedly stealing the show from Alec Baldwin and Adam Driver. 

Christopher Robin.jpg

1. Christopher Robin

Look, I know I'm a grown man but this pudgy little bear named after feces has had my heart since I was a little boy. And before you make too much fun this is directed by Marc Forster, the man who directed Machine Gun Preacher, World War Z, and Monster's Ball...Pooh might get weird and I want to see every second of it. Oh, Bother!


Update: Mile 22 has since been critically panned and maybe you shouldn't be excited about it, sorry. 

Posted on July 24, 2018 .