DFW Airport gets very first "Gaming Lounge" and it's cool...kinda.

Image from Dallas Business Journal

Image from Dallas Business Journal

Traveling in the new world has become a lot easier. When I was a kid long car rides were only made bearable by my trusty GameBoy and as many batteries as I could pilfer from the remote controls around the house. Portable gaming systems have gotten better and better and the rising number of quality mobile games on smart phones has made the beast of cross country hauls even easier to conquer. 

A new company, Gameway, hopes to help squash that travel boredom even more and it's starting with our very own DFW airport. Within the last month two brand new "Game Lounges" have been opened at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport. The lounges, located in Terminals B and E, are equipped with XBox Ones preloaded with games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Rocket League. Gamers in-transit can log into their own accounts to play or use Gameway's. Sounds cool, right?

Yeah...except you gotta pay...

42 cents per minute or $20 for unlimited gameplay to be exact.

I understand the idea from a business standpoint. It costs money to buy the systems, games, etc. and it's gonna cost some money to keep the lounge up and running, but I can't make heads or tails of the logic. I'm an avid gamer and I don't travel with less than two methods of game playing in my bag. Lately, I've been leaning heavy on my Nintendo Switch and PS Vita, but I've used a gaming tablet and laptop in the past as well. I don't think I would ever sacrifice even one of those systems for the ability to play XBox at the airport, especially if I'm paying 42 cents a minute for the luxury. I LOVE the idea, but I'd set the machines to "freeplay" and charge $10 to enter the lounge. Kind of exactly the way Freeplay does it! Set up a bunch of vending machines with Code Red and Doritos and BOOM! you're rolling in dough. Or, make the monitors free to use if you're not playing their systems and include charging ports and universal adapters so you can plug in your own portable system. 

Like I said, I like the idea. The execution just seems weird. Any person serious about gaming is probably carrying their own method of gaming on the go. Why not make it easier for them? 

Who knows? Maybe this idea will take-off (haha) and countless gamers will be left at the gates while their families fly to Florida. My guess is it'll end up a wasteland in six months with half the systems not working and a poo under one of the desks. 

What are your thoughts? Would you pay to play?

Let's just hope no one makes the mistake of preloading Modern Warfare 2 with its "No Russian" level. :/

Posted on July 2, 2018 .