NuWAY Crumbly Burgers - Wichita, KS

On my further exploration of Wichita by way of mouth, I chomped my path toward NuWAY, a Wichita staple since July 4, 1930. To call them burgers would be a mistake, they are in fact "Crumble Burgers" made with loose meat as seen on Roseanne.  


The menu had plenty to offer from hot dogs to chicken strips but I had my eye on the prize; a signature NuWAY Crumbly Burger and a Root Beer but not just any Root Beer, this one is made daily, on site. So two things I love were both offered here, a loose meat burger and a Root Beer. I reviewed Taco Bueno's Taco Burger which is the same initial concept and I may have been the person who kept Maid-Rite alive in Texas for their short existence in Texas. So though I may not be a food expert, I'm pretty well versed in the art of loose meat burgers. 


I'll go by what hit the tongue first, the Root Beer. It was ice cold, sweet and even though it tasted like Root Beer it was something special. Not overbearing in sweetness and not too syrupy either, just a nice cold refreshing brew that satisfied but didn't sit too heavy. As we pulled away, I instantly regretted not buying a 2-liter.
Now to the business at hand. The reason I stopped by. The NuWAY Crumbly Burger... Holy cow! Not only was it worth the wait, it gives me something to look forward to revisiting. My longing for a Maid-Rite was instantly replaced by this baby. A simply dressing of mustard, onion and pickle, I added cheese to hold the meat together but it was unneeded. The meat, though loose, held together on its own and, with the help of the fresh and firm bun, the meat didn't spill out. This was due largely thanks to the meat not being terribly greasy or wet. Just a nice, evenly portioned scoop of meat that was the perfect moistness (sorry to the 18% of you that hate that word). 

If ever you are in Wichita, KS, make sure to hit up one of the five NuWAY locations for a chance at pure loose meat heaven.   

Posted on July 18, 2018 and filed under Fast Foodnatic.