5 Reboot Worthy Television Shows

The Roseanne reboot came and went much like a candle in the wind. It burned so bright for a short period only to be put out by waft of hot air blown from the mouth of an Ambien altered racist(that's a thing now, right?). The initial success of the Roseanne Reboot and the announcement of a Murphy Brown reboot has us thinking. What shows from yesteryear would you give the 'boot? Here are my 5 dangerously nostalgic but worthy choices for reboot. Get it done Hollywood!


The Twilight Zone

Rumors swirl that CBS has already decided they want to reboot The Twilight Zone. The show would be run by Get Out writer/director Jordan Peele. There has been little news on the reboot since the initial rumor though and I hope that doesn’t mean it’s dead. With the recent and sustained success of shows like Black Mirror I would think that CBS would want to cash in on the buzz that this type of show could produce.



You should do yourself a favor and spend some time on Netflix revisiting Frasier. The story of a middle-aged radio host psychiatrist who lives with his elderly father, his father’s physical therapist, and his brother who is in love with her. Frasier was special for several reasons. Rarely is a spin-off as successful as it’s predecessor but in this case people tend to forget the show was a spin-off in the first place. Unfortunately, John Mahoney died earlier this year but I think Frasier making his return to the small screen after 14 years would be a great way to honor Martin Crane.



I don’t know if there is a child of the 90’s that didn’t love this show. Dinosaurs only ran for 3 years and 65 episodes but it is forever in the hearts of a generation. It was such a strange and silly family TV show that could be benefit from advances in prosthetic makeup and technology. Just imagine a whole new generation of kids screaming “not the momma!” at their dad and bopping them on the head. Disney could easily bring this show back now that it owns ABC. I think it could be a dino-sized cash cow for the network …until Earl Sinclair tweets something racist and the show gets pulled.


Night Court

I think most people are surprised when they realize that Night Court ran for 9 seasons from the 80’s into the 90’s. A great mix of smart and stupid humor made Night Court hold up to the test of time. Like Frasier though, the loss of one of it’s main characters would leave a hole in the show. Harry Anderson or Judge Harry T. Stone passed away recently so they would need to find someone else to hold the gavel. Replacing the irreplaceable is…difficult to say the least but I’d love to see who the could come up with. I’d also love to see Larroquette back on television.



A lot of people give credit to The Sopranos as the start of HBO taking over television. That credit is well deserved but let’s not forget about the show that paved the way for Tony Soprano. Oz started in 1997 and ran for 6 seasons. The show served as a playground for seemingly every talented character actor and a launch point for some pretty great actors. Names like J.K. Simmons, Dean Winters, and Kirk Acevedo all did time in prison. The reboot show could check back in with the lifers and be the catalyst to help some young actors show their chops. Think Orange is the New Black on steroids.

There are so many good TV shows that I missed. Which ones would you choose for reboot? 

Posted on June 5, 2018 and filed under TV Reviews.