UPDATE! : Welcome to DC Universe.

A month back I gathered all the info available on what we could expect from DC Comics’ upcoming DC Universe app. (You can read that here).

At the time, that consisted of five new shows exclusive to the app including live action takes on Titans, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing as well an animated Harley Quinn show and the much anticipated Season 3 of Young Justice, titled “Young Justice: Outsiders”.  


No other info was given besides describing the app as a “first of it’s kind immersive digital experience” and the ambiguous statement that the exclusive shows would be “one of many incredible things your membership will include”. The teaser served it’s purpose well, leaving us to hope and speculate what exactly these incredible things would consist of.

Today we can wonder a little less; this morning the official DC Collectibles’ Instagram account released a photo of brand new figures from the popular 2001 Justice League animated show along with the news drop that the figures would exclusively be available to purchase by members of the DCU app.


Better answering what else DC Universe will have to offer was a link in their bio that led to a trailer for the app. The video suggests that streaming of classic DC Universe Movies and TV Shows, the ability to interact with other fans, additional exclusive merch, and digtial accesss to reading DC Comics will be perks to join the app exclusive shows.

These developments have me pretty hyped, but I will reserve full excitement until I see the pricetag all that content in one place will demand. Despite the many positives, I also have some concerns that the digital comic aspect could negatively affect the local comic shops that give the DC Comics brand lifeblood at the grassroots level.

Let us know your thoughts on the subject and check out the DC Universe Trailer here:

Posted on June 28, 2018 .