Play John Hammond To Your Very Own Raptor Hatchling!

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We're only a few days into the world post-Fallen Kingdom and while the latest Jurassic Park sequel might have destroyed one friendship we're pretty sure we can all agree that we'd love a baby raptor of our own. Well, my friends, here's your chance. Sculptor Brad Hill (@sircreate) has been creating incredible miniature pop culture sculptures for a while now, but his latest creation has me scaling the walls of the T-Rex paddock. 

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They're called "Peeks" and Mr. Hill drops new creations monthly on Etsy. These miniature sculptures in boxes have featured pop culture icons ranging from Chappelle's Show's Prince to Deadpool. His latest creation is set to go on sale at 1 pm EDT on Thursday, June 28, 2018. I have no idea how many he will be producing, but I'm sure they will sell out quick! 

Follow  @sircreate  on Instagram!

Follow @sircreate on Instagram!

I have already blocked off my lunch hour on Thursday and plan on trying to snag one of these adorable little raptors. If you're feeling the urge to nurture a tiny carnivore as well you can find Sir Create's Esty HERE! To stay up to date on future Peeks follow @sircreate on Instagram or visit his website!

All images captured from @sircreate on Instagram.

Posted on June 25, 2018 .