When Fish Fly

Recently I tried a handful of times to run through Super Mario Bros and beat the game.....it didn't go well. Yet I realized a few things through this play through that I hadn't as a child. The first thing was, HOW THE HELL DID I BEAT THIS LIKE IT WAS NOTHING AS A CHILD?  Seriously, I remember flying through this game (with the help of warp zones) in under 30 minutes. I would time myself when everyone sat down to watch Home Improvement (so that way I wouldn't miss The Simpsons). This time I was way dead before that time period.


One of the other things that I noticed actually impressed me this time, most of my muscle memory of the game was still there. How far and how high Mario jumps, the timing of the enemies, and where the hidden items are. It was like riding a bike really, the first few goombas I crushed instantly brought a smile to my face, that didn't last long.


So after beating Bowser for the first time in World 5 stage 4 (5-4) and enjoying the black and white colors of the background in world 6 I noticed the next thing I haven't as a child, that flying fish are hard. I reached this stage each time I played, and died every time. I'm not sure if it was the having less then 3 extra men when running into these bastards or how hard these flying fish sticks actually were. Seriously by about the 5th time of dying at this exact stage I was about ready to call it quits.


I'm sure if I tried a few more times I could have passed it and even maybe beat the game but I was just straight annoyed by it.  I'm sure as a child it was a mixture of practice and not having other games and things to play that made me so good at the time, but now as a 30 year old man playing it I decided it was time to try again in a week or so. I'll keep you guys posted with the outcome. 

Posted on June 16, 2018 .