Trailer Park (4/29-5/5)

It's been a beat, right? 
Paul Rudd seems to be on a hot streak in the trailer game, Saban proves it's more than just Power Rangers, DC looks to have made a second good comic book movie (by sticking to the source material), an Ana Kendrick movie, and a couple of unneeded rehashes with Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom Jeans and Assasin's Robin Hood Creed. 
It's your one stop shop for the trailers from last week, all parked here in one spot!

GREAT Ant-Man and The Wasp

GREAT The Catcher Was a Spy

GOOD/GREAT Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

GOOD/GREAT The Yellow Birds

GOOD A Simple Favor

BAD Book Club

BAD Robin Hood

Was I wrong in any of my assessments? Sound off below! 

Posted on May 6, 2018 and filed under Trailer Park.