The Buzzed Buzz: WhistlePig Whiskey


After a long week of work, there is nothing better than a nice drink. While I usually reach for a beer, sometimes you need something more. When I find myself desiring the strong stuff, I look no further than my favorite whiskey, WhistlePig.


Born out of the purchase of a 500 acre farm in Vermont and a dream, Whistle Pig became a reality. Founded in 2008, the team at WhistlePig sought out to create the world's best 100% rye whiskey and in my opinion, they have. While rye can be a fickle grain to work with, when done right, it has the potential to create layer upon layer of complex flavors. That's where the teams attention to detail shines through. They aren't going to use any old barrell for the aging process. They use oaks harvested from their own farm. The same farm they grow the rye. The same farm where the well is located that is used in the distilling process. It's a truly farm to table whiskey.



As of this writing, they have a stable of 6 whiskey to choose from. I am going to talk about there entry level 10 year straight rye. Don't let the entry level moniker sway you. This is a top shelf gem worthy of praise. At $70+ a bottle, its not a cheap investment, but well worth it. If you are looking for something to mix with a coke, keep looking. This isn't for you



In order to get their dream up and running, the distillers had to source a quality whiskey to use in their first years of bottling. They were able to aquire a highly underrated blend out of Canada and dove in head first.



On the nose, I am immediately greeted with charred caramel and spice. It give a warm, welcoming feeling.

Being that this is a high proof whiskey (the bottle I have open is 117 proof), I find it best served in a chilled glass with a splash of water. It does wonders to temper the alcohol and release the complexness.

On the pallet, you get hit with a heavy dose of caramel and vanilla in the best way possible.It has a subtle sweetness without the harsh bite typically accompanied by rye.

The finish is long and will feel like you have a butterscotch melting in your mouth. It is a delicious dram that will settle your soul.

All in all, WhistlePig is a high performer on all levels. If you are in the mood to treat yourself, this bottle of amber heaven will treat you right.



Posted on May 26, 2018 and filed under The Buzzed Buzz.