My Quest To Collect ‘em All


We all hope to break our ties from our 9 to 5 jobs and branch out on our own.  Well I’m currently trying to do that. With a little dumb luck and and my love for video games I hope to accomplish that with a little place I’d like to call J.R.R. Tokens. It would be a free play arcade with pool tables and board games. A step back in time if you would, a place where you can come and veg out with your kids to play some classic games.. Sure this dream is still far in the horizon but so far I’ve made a couple of steps in that direction.


The first cabinet I acquired on this journey is a Class Of ‘81 three in one cabinet by Namco.  The titles included in this cabinet are Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-man, and Galaga (my favorite classic game).  Most people assume that this cabinet only has two titles in it, but they're wrong. After registering your credit to play if you move the joystick up, down, up, down, left, right, left right, left the machine will then play Pac-man instead of Mrs. Pac-Man.  It’s a fun little Easter Egg that Namco decided to hide for anyone willing to look for it. It’s in pretty good shape as well. The art has seen better days and the volume knob is broke but it plays great and the CRT screen has been upgraded to an LCD monitor.


The next cabinet I have gathered is actually someone’s work of love they were forced to sale on Craigslist due to moving to a smaller place and having no one willing to help move it. Before i actually tell you what this baby is capable of let me tell you the backstory of why this cab had to be placed on the open market. You see while my man who built this work of art was currently moving into where he is now he had to enlist 3 of his friends to get this thing up 3 flights of stairs.  You see he and his friends didn't own a dolly, a big problem when you’re trying to move something that weighs more than you and two of your friends, and while they were duck walking this beast up three flights of stairs it decided to fall over twice nearly killing his friend Kevin both times as well. This resulted in no one wanting to help him move it a second time and how i came into possession of it.  This cab is a Sega Dreamcast Cabinet, meaning that it is capable of playing any Dreamcast title that i can get my hands on. Which is amazing because instead of just one title this cab can play hundreds of titles. Fun fact most Dreamcast games were ports from arcade titles which makes it prime for a free play arcade.


With these two gems in hand I’m always looking for more, so if you have an extra arcade cabinet lying around or know someone who does let me know. It could earn you some extra money while helping me achieve my dream. It's a win, win.

Posted on May 23, 2018 .