The Agony and Ecstasy of MoviePass


Last summer MoviePass exploded on the scene like that kid everyone realized was cool in his Junior Year. MoviePass had been around since 2011 but was running at $40 a month, a price that was too high for the normal consumer but then the price dropped to $9.95 and movie lovers rejoiced.

I, myself, signed up immediatly and, unlike many others,  had no problems with customer service. It's a rarity that I use my actual card as the theater I frequent (Studio Movie Grill) has the ability to purchase tickets through the MoviePass app. MoviePass has made it possible for me see many more movies in the theater than I would normally be able to. Honestly, who would want to see Kidnap in the theater? I didn't but I was able to thanks to that little red dot with the white "m" on my home screen. But ever since they became the most popular kid at the party, there have been murmurs of "too good to be true" and "it's only a matter of time before it will bust". The murmurs grew louder over the last couple of weeks with new members being limited to four movies a month and the app update on this past Friday (4/27) stating that you may no longer see the same movie twice through the app.


I addition, some user we're randomly selected as Beta Tester for a new program through MoviePass wherein they would now be prompted to take a picture of their movie ticket through the app. Failure to do so will make it impossible to purchase further tickets and will result in permanent termination of your MoviePass account. Meaning that not only will you no longer be able to use MoviePass but you will NEVER be able to use movie pass again. I thought Beta Testers we're supposed to get cool features...

Despite all the recent changes, MoviePass remains the best bang for the buck as far as movie theater subscription plans go. The closest seems to be Cinemark's plan but even then it's only two tickets for a dollar less. If MoviePass were to go completely to four tickets a month, sure it would suck but again, it's rare that I'd see more than four in a month any how. The limitation on repeat movie viewing is a bummer but there again, I only ever used MoviePass to see the same movie again, twice. 

The changes are new and it's easy to say this is the end but it's not the first time something that was too good to be true became slightly less too good to be true. In 2011 Netflix ate a whole bag of dicks when they announced that they would be splitting DVD delivery and streaming into two separate services but they muscled through and we all got over it. I think the same is possible with MoviePass and I foresee the service shifting a few more times before the dust settles. I predict that the monthly price point will go up a couple of dollars and that every account will shift to four movies a month (not in that order). 

MoviePass has given me the opportunity to go enjoy a movie in the theater far more often than I could before. As a single father money is tight and MoviePass has made it possible to do something I truly love. Enjoy peace and quiet for two hours a week. For that I am thankful and for that I will stick it through until the bitter end. Fingers crossed that time is a long way off. 

I still believe in MoviePass. 

Posted on April 29, 2018 .