The Office: Season One Revisited


I've watched The Office all the way through at least five times and when I say "all the way through" I mean season two until Michael leaves. 
There are obvious reasons I skip episodes after Michael leaves, "Schrute Farms" being one of them, but why the first season? Though The Office is one of my favorite series, it fall into the same pitfalls most shows do with their freshman seasons. But was I mistaken? So I watched the first season again.


The first season has so many unlikable characters it is hard to imagine that these exact same people will be lovable later on. Michael Scott is nothing less than obnoxious and never to the point that it is funny. Though there is something going on with Jim and Pam, Roy has yet to become vilified so Jim comes off as sort of a dirt bag. Kelley is nowhere near to the person she is later in the series. Phyllis and Stanley get no face-time and the first few episodes are riddled with random people you may never see again.
I specifically remember watching "Diversity Day" and questioned continuing the series. An episode that comes off more as a rough draft than the second episode of a new show. Blatantly racist, awkward and mostly annoying.


Things start to change with "Basketball" and "Hot Girl" when it seems that characters start to get fleshed out and irritating characteristics starts to taper off and become lovable traits. Out of a six episode season it was the final two that saved the series, for me at least. 
I will always love The Office and every person on the show. I'm glad I returned after the speed bumps early on and, despite how terrible the backdoor pilot for Schrute Farms was, I  love the show in it entirety. Season one, episode five through when Michael leaves. It's entierty. 

Posted on April 19, 2018 .