Artist Spotlight: The Young Dead

Photo Credits: Jesi Cason Photography

Photo Credits: Jesi Cason Photography

Recently, I was able to meet the lead singer from the Florida based punk rock band The Young Dead. Her name is Angela Page and she likes to yell. 

You’ve got an EP that just released, that’s exciting.

Yeah! We put it out on bandcamp on feb 14 then we did a cassette release on March 17th, so you can actually purchase the cassette on our bandcamp as well as the digital download

What made you go with cassette?

Well, we’re kind of a nineties throwback sound in general, If you’ve listened to the record you know that kind of like those albini tones if you know what I mean. It just felt like the right move for us. I also feel like physical releases in general are kind of dead. Most people who are going to listen to your stuff are going to digitally and cassette is just a nice item, it’s different and cassettes are actually on the rise again so a couple of reasons.

Who made the crazy cover art?

That was Jesi Cason Photo, Wicked Apple art did the makeup FX and Alainna Zwiernik was the model pictured. It was a collaborative effort, It was my idea but they all made it happen. 


How did the band meet?

Well me and the bass player christian have been in a relationship for about 10 years, and  we started The Young Dead probably in 2012. We went through a couple of iterations of a lineup and then our guitar player that we had after a while left and I was friends with Jesi Cason, the photographer that I mentioned and her and Colin grew up together, knew each other...She was like “hey you gotta listen to my friend, ya gotta meetup". She told me he had been in bands before and whatever and we played together.  The first song that we actually wrote is the song that we first put out with the current lineup, Groupies. Our drummer Pete has been my friend for years and years he's an accomplished piano player he started playing drums 5-6 years ago and I recruited him to play drums for The Young Dead even though he’s more of a metal drummer but he likes playing with us so…

IMG_9146 copy.jpg

"I grew up singing, choir and shit like that...

but my love is yelling"

-Angela Page

You said earlier you were a 90’s throwback, how would you classify your music? Or is it classifiable?

I always tell people punk. Punk rock, I mean that’s kind of the core of the music we make and you can kind of feel that in the songs, very driving, fast, simple but not simplistic…

Who are some of the influential bands that formed your sound?

I can only speak for me, I guess I can speak for the other guys a little bit. For me, it’s definitely 90’s girl rock for sure like Hole and Sleater Kinney. 90 ‘s sounds in general, Sonic Youth and some other bands like that. Collin would probably say Foo Fighters. We also like modern stuff, I really love the band White Lung and I love how fast and driving and how they kind of mix punk and thrash together a little bit. Our drummer like I said is really into metal so a lot of the drum beats, you’ll see a lot of blast beats on on the record which is not really usual for a punk rock band but it fits really well with us. There’s quite a few injections in there of our influences.

What’s your favorite song to perform and what’s your favorite song on the EP?

I think my favorite song to perform is Godzilla’s Revenge, it’s just so gnarly and I really like yelling I grew up singing, just a lot of like regular and shit like that but my love is the yelling. I love to yell I love doing the yells and I guess my favorite song we recorded is probably Bored and Old. I had told the guys before we actually put it out that that would be the one. I was like people (are going to) really like this one, I just have a feeling that it’s just...I don’t know…. the feedback that we’ve got back is that (they like it) and I really like the way that... I mean I really like the way that they all turned out but I’m pretty proud of that one. The harmonies and that primal yell in the middle of the song, like….it’s great

Is there a plan to release a full album?

I don’t know, we’re going to go back to the studio over the summer…(we’ll) see what happens. We’re going to see what we can put together before then. I don’t like to put stuff out just for the sake of putting it out and being like “oh well we need a full length record so we’re going to jam all these songs onto an album” plus I’ve noticed that a lot of bands are doing more like EP type stuff just kind of putting out EP’s pretty close together like with 6 months between them or whatever and I almost kind of like that format more. Thematically it’s a little easier to coordinate the songs and it also doesn’t make it feel super rushed or anything. You can spend more time on each track and you can tour of the songs a little longer because you’ve got two releases instead of one. 

Speaking of tours...any plans to come out to Texas?

Oh we’d love that. We’d love that. We’d love to come out to Texas but I think this summer our first plan is to do a short Florida tour. I’m trying to get together with another Florida band. (They) are an all girl, post-punk band called The Nervous Girls and do a short Florida tour with them. Like a 7-dayer and then move on from there. Just taking it step by step I guess.

Born and Raised in Florida?

Yeah, I’m a Florida native I grew up on the east coast in Ft. Lauderdale. 

Photo Credits: Jesi Cason Photography

Photo Credits: Jesi Cason Photography

The name of the EP is Righteous Violence, What does that name mean to you? How did that name come about?

It came about in a couple of ways. I actually know it from Henry David Thoreau, he uses that term a lot to talk about the concepts of disobedience and that’s actually where I first heard the term righteous violence. I think that on all sides people tend to believe that their belief is the most righteous. Does that make sense? In some sense... in that case all people feel like sometimes their violence is justified or righteous. It’s not to say that anybody’s is or isn’t, it’s just kind of the feel that we’re getting from the world in general a feeling of righteous violence. Everyone thinks that their violence is the most righteous, or their cause, so obviously we all feel that way too, you know? We feel like there’s a lot of out and out white supremacy, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, I mean the list kind of goes on so it’s also about that. It’s about people needing to stand up, fight for the things that they believe in, fight for their rights, and just kind of feel like they can fight. I feel like that’s the thing about the cover. A really nice set of hands thin girl fingers and her knuckles completely destroyed because she’s gotten to that point where she’s like “this is it, I’m done” you know?

Angela Page is the lead singer for The Young Dead, she founded the feminist organization Love Your Rebellion and she manages Six Fingers Studios in Fort Meyers, FL. 

The Young Dead are: 
Angela Page: vocals & guitar
Collin Mannon: guitar
Kristian Delay: bass
Pete Flower: drums

The new EP entitled Righteous Violence was:
Recorded by the Young Dead at Six Fingers Studios
Mixed by Matt Panera
Mastered by Max Lorenzen
Cover photo by Jesi Cason Photography
Pictured: Alainna Zwiernik
Makeup effects by Wicked Apple Art 

Posted on April 13, 2018 .