We Ate Seven of Those Fish Sandwiches.

It's that time of year again. When Mardi Gras is over, Ash Wednesday has come, people give up arbitrary things for Lent and Catholics can't eat meat on Fridays until Easter. Coincidentally, fast food joints bust out their fish sandwiches and have them available for a limited time. Because of that we decided to take a fast food dining tour and we called it the FillDAY O' Fish!
Seven sandwiches. Four hours. Two upset stomachs.  
To keep you from making the same mistake we made, we graded each serving on how they compare in apperance to the official photos and how they taste. You're welcome.


The fish is not a fillet as much as it is a thick fish stick. A flavorless, mushy, oily fish stick at that. There was tarter sauce and a ripe tomato with no lettuce unlike the official pic which was the complete opposite. Do yourself a favor and just eat a fart instead. 


At first sight it looked good but that's where it ended. The fillet was thick with little to no flavor that was so greasy it left the bun soggy. As with all other the tarter sauce was good but the lettuce was stale and cut from the butt of the head... Butthead...


This selection was the one we were least excited about and maybe that's how it ended up surpassing our low expectations. Don't let that fool you. It was a greasy mess on a thin greasy bun. The highlight was the pickle. You can get pickles anywhere.


Pretty close repersentation of the official pic with a good taste on fish and veggies. Unfortunatley the fish was really dry and despite the tarter sauce and lettuce it remained dry. Had it not been so dry it would've won the day. Damn shame.


Again, this bad boy rated a lot higher than expected. The epitome of fast food fish fillet, McDonald's knows what they're doing. The fillet was flaky and soft full of flavor and though it was the seventh, we both agreed we'd be okay making it the eighth, too.


A great flaky full flavored fillet that is not greasy or overcooked. The toasted bun was a nice departure from the rest with sesames on top. Tarter sauce, of course but not enough lettuce and a pickle would've been nice. This was not a disappointment at all.


The first of the day and we could've quit there. It's the best fast food fish fillet sandwich you can get. The fish was full of taste with a nice crispy breading on the flaky fish. The bun was toasted but soft and had just enough tarter sauce. Go get one NOW!

So there you have it. Sure, we might have missed a couple but had we been required to eat any more we surely would've died. Half way though the FillDAY o' Fish we both became dizzy and had upset stomachs. Afterward Andy took a nap and Doug spaced out... At their own houses. We aren't that weird. Also Doug said no to a man nap. 
We hope this list helped you make your food choices for the next few Fridays and we wish you all a happy 40 days of fish on Fridays!


Posted on March 7, 2018 and filed under Fast Foodnatic.