Trailer Park #3

Another week over and another week of great/questionable looking trailer! Though it is filled with some stellar servings, Action Point is one I was looking forward to but now has me a little worried.
We'll get to that in a moment, for now...

Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado
This is a great looking follow up to the 2015 film that remains a top film for many here at RGHQ. Full disclosure, I have not seen the original but now will give it a few watches before the sequel comes out.

It's hard to believe that this film is actually based on a true story but that doesn't make it look any less fun. The cast looks great and the story seems like if a bunch of eight year olds wrote The Hangover. There is nothing wrong with that.

The Titan
It seems as though Netflix is going hard with the sci-fi films and despite how little I liked Bright, I did rather enjoy Cloverfied Paradox. Additionally Sam Worthington is proving himself to be an actor who focuses mainly at playing characters who end up being something else. Netflix has been sort of hit or miss so only time will tell with The Titan.

Under The Silver Lake
Whenever a trailer starts with the A24 logo, you know you're about to see something special. This trailer is no exception. It definitely has an It Follows feels to it but also feels like The Good Guys as well. I had yet to see this particular trailer until writing this and it has me the most excited I've been in months. I love a good suspense comedy.

The Spy Who Dumped Me
Chick flicks tend to all end up looking the same but The Spy Who Dumped Me seems to have spliced a chick flick with a buddy comedy and spy thriller. Not since Bridesmaids came out has a chick flick looked this original. It's almost like what Snatched was trying to do but with actual writing and story. I'll be there.

Hard to believe that they have already remade the Tom Hanks, Kumar Pallana movie but they have. Looks way different and most shockingly, Mike Meyers is in it. Seriously though, who knows what the hell is going on in this trailer. 

Deadpool 2
I've already talked about Deadpool 2 before so I'll just touch on a few things, namely the X-Force outfit that pops up twice in this trailer. There is a lot of substance in this trailer and it looks like as much fun as the first outing. Fingers crossed it's more GOTG Vol.2 and less Kick-Ass 2.

Action Point
I've loved Jackass since episode one. All the movies are great and I really enjoyed Bad Grandpa, so when I first heard about this Action Point, I was excited. I could not watch this trailer fast enough and when it was over, I watched it again to make sure my disappointment wasn't just a side-effect of my excitement. It was not. Hopefully before it comes out they can somehow work the stunts in less ham-handedly. Even though Bad Grandpa broke the formula of introducing each stunt, it was still reality based for the people it was happening to. Can Jackass stunts work in a scripted film? What say you?

Until next week. The Trailer Park is closed.

NOTE: I know I didn't write about Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.
You're welcome.

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