Make Time For Timeless


If there was an elective back in my high school days called “Time-Travel Theory” I would’ve jumped at the chance to take it. As it turned out, the closest thing available was History class.
Luckily during last Fall’s TV season, I was able to get an education in both subjects via a new adventure-drama by the name of Timeless.

Timeless begins with History Professor, Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) being persuaded by Homeland Security to lead a team in pursuit of terrorists in a stolen time machine; villains who if not stopped, would alter major historic events for their benefit.
Chasing the terrorists along with Lucy (in an earlier prototype of the hijacked Time Machine) are reluctant pilot Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and Delta Force Soldier, Wyatt (Matt Lanter). Before long, we find out no one involved is being completely forthright, and the motives of would-be lead terrorist, Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) may not be as wholly sinister as the Government has led Team Timeless to believe.  


The first handful of the show's episodes were a fun mix of historical fiction and sci-fi, confirming the enjoyable “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego for adults" vibe shown in promos; but myself and others who stuck around through those first 5-6 episodes needed to establish characters were soon rewarded by way of twisty plot reveals that raised the stakes from being just a adventurous romp to a must-see mission with gravitas. Namely, a conspiracy that reached back through History as well as all over the globe at the hands of a mysterious faction known simply as "Rittenhouse".

While Timeless is not afraid to pay homage to it's time travel forefathers, dropping in sly references to Back to the Future and Quantum Leap along the way, it closest shares a sensibility with the 00's ABC cult hit, LOST, minus the propensity for dead-end plot elements that rubbed so many LOST fans the wrong way by the end. Despite it's cliff hanger story-telling and the millions of eyeballs on it during season 1, Timeless' ratings were considered borderline given it's expensive production budget. The show was actually cancelled last May before it's passionate fanbase spoke out on social media and earned it the very rare, "uncancelled" status just 3 days after the initial decision was announced. 


While season 1 saw the team show up at the Assassination of Lincoln, The Battle of the Alamo, and pitted them against Nazi's on more than one occasion- I can't wait to see how Season 2 ups the ante -especially how exactly that over-arching conspiracy will play out.
The whole first season of Timeless is available for your viewing pleasure on Hulu, and at
If you can't wait to jump right in, season 2 will no doubt, be preceded by a recap,
Timeless returns TONIGHT (Sunday 3/11) 10/9c‎ on NBC.

Whether you're a new viewer or have been anticipating it's return for the better part of a year like myself, I'd encourage you to share your love for the show on social media to ensure it doesn't need resuscitation a second time. Make time for Timeless; you won't be disappointed.

Posted on March 11, 2018 .