We Ate Some Of Those Taco Shell Shaped Egg Tacos At Taco Bell.

This morning Brimhall and Samuel ventured out to Taco Bell and grabbed a couple of Taco Bell's new Naked Egg Tacos. Here's how it went...


Samuel Martinez
At $2 each the Taco Bell Naked Egg Taco is something you have to eat to believe. It piqued my interest when it was initially announced. Going in I had no expectations. I was pleasantly surprised buy the initial flavor and presentation one of the rare occasions that it looked like the picture on the menu. The egg left something to be desired it was discolored and over cooked. If I could have it over easy it would have been a tasty mess and would have left me wanting  more. The potato,shredded cheese, nacho cheese, egg, bacon/sausage combo was a good combo and truth be told, felt almost like a meal. I've never been a fan of nacho cheese but this is one of the rare occasions that it worked. It brought warmth and "freshness" to the taco. It was the glue needed to bind it all. Over all I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10.


Joshua Brimhall
My first impression? Ehhhhhhhhhhh... It wasn't fantastic, yet it wasn't bad. After trying the sausage one first I made my way to the bacon one. I do have to say this one was more enjoyable for me. It was something about the bacon mixed with the potato seasoning and nacho cheese that made me favor this one over the sausage one. Just the right about of white trash to hit my taste buds right in the crap factory. I give the sausage one a 5 out of 10 but the bacon one I'd give a 7 out of 10. Would eat again.

Posted on March 10, 2018 and filed under Fast Foodnatic.