Podcasting It Up... Again.


We're are quickly approaching our ninth year here at Reservoir Geeks and it reminds us of our humble roots at two guys who'd podcast.
Andy had just ended his two year marriage, Chris had just moved to a cabin in Burleson, Texas and both had way too much extra time on their hands. 


Podcast was a new platform and, possibly delusional, the boys thought they should start their very own podcast. For a point of reference, the first Nerdist podcast was in February 2010. Explaining what exactly a podcast was that early was one of the first hurdles and the inability/lack of knowledge to put podcasts on iTunes was another HUGE hurdle. Despite that Reservoir Geeks persevered and kept moving forward.  


Eventually the podcast took on Benny Beck as a producer and an additional mic in current Reservoir Geek Josh Mazur. Things went well for a while but as all things do, life got in the way. Chris left the rural life and moved to swanky Dallas and Andy changed careers and starting dating his ex-wife... We'll save that's for another time.
You can find all the original 2009 Reservoir Geeks episodes here:

Starting back in 2016 the boys got back in the podcasting game and started the Tape Deck Network. After a few pleasant bumps in the road in 2017 and with the revamping of this very site at the beginning of this year we are moving hard at posting more episodes, adding a couple of new series and consistently providing new episodes for you fine folks.
All that being said, tomorrow (February 26th) a new episode of Prequel. Sequel. Reboot. Remake. will be up with our pitch for a real remake of the 1974 classic Death Wish!

Posted on February 25, 2018 and filed under Reservoir Geeks News.