The Quarter Lounge


Have you ever stepped into a place and instantly been taking back to a certain time in your childhood? Well if you were an 80’s or 90’s kid I have just the place for you. The Quarter Lounge Arcade. For a small fee of $5.50 for all day access (or just $3 for access to the arcade only) you too can have this experience. (Arcade games will only run you a quarter and pinball fifty cents a game.)


There honestly isn't a bad thing I can say this place. They have most of the classic arcade games you love, plus access to a library of retro systems and games. If you do by chance stumble across a game they don’t have feel free to bring up your own copy to play or check out the store next door which sales used copies of retro games and systems as well. I’ve spent hours here upon each visit so be sure to clear out your day if you do stop in, because they have something you can waste countless hours on.


Every Saturday The Quarter Lounge Arcade also holds a tournament on one of the cabinets they have or one of the classic retro games for only a $10 entry fee (which also gives you access to the arcade and retro systems), with a payout of free entry to the arcade for five visits or depending on how many people enter, a prize from the countless video game themed items (lamps, shadow boxes, retron retro systems, ect.)


With a friendly staff that is always willing to help you out in anyway they can and a art consignment program for local artist you can’t go wrong with a stop by.  Worse case scenario you stop by to pick up a new piece of art for your game room and have a friendly chat about video games. Tell em J-Money sent ya. You won't get a discount or anything, my money is on that they'll look at you confused and say ok, but hey it wouldn’t hurt ya.

Quarter Lounge Arcade

1424 Brown Trail

Bedford, TX 76022

(469) 992-2389  


Posted on February 17, 2018 .