Podcasts We Listen To: Dirty John


After listening to the wildly entertaining Dr. Death, I decided to delve into the slightly older sister podcast Dirty John. What I was hoping for was more of the same but was surprised to discover that even though it had the same familiar beats and pace of Doctor Death, Dirty John was a crazier story on a much more intimate level.


The six part series covers the horrific relationship of Debra Newell and her too good to be true doctor boyfriend and eventual husband, John Meehan. During the first five episodes I was intrigued and fascinated  by the loonacy that is John Meehan but confused as to why this story was any more worthy than others.  Then the last episode happened... And that's all I will say. Just listen for yourself BEFORE the Bravo miniseries begins on November 25th.

You will not be disappointed. 

The Dirty John podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts.

Posted on November 1, 2018 and filed under Podcasts We Listen To.