Great Poster. Terrible Movie.

Drew Struzan is not only the best movie poster artist ever but also one of the finest artist living today. His work has been used on some of the most amazing movies of our time and also some of the absolute worst. Some movies are so abysmal they hardly even deserve a freshman graphic designers first attempt at photoshop but instead they get the wonderful work of a modern day Norman Rockwell. Here are some of the worst movies with some of the best art.

Ratings from Rotten Tomatoes' current standing as of January 20, 2017.

That's just twenty of the worst movies the wonderful Drew Struzan made masterpieces for and there are a few more but for the most part the films match the wonderfulness of the poster. You can check out more of Struzan's amazing work by clicking the signature below.

Posted on January 20, 2018 .