Masters Of The Box Art

Growing up many of us may have been fans of the art by Rudy Obrero, William Garland, and William George and never knew their names. These three were the men responsible for the amazing box art on the Masters Of The Universe toys. Mainly the larger items such as vehicles, creatures, and playsets.


In a time when there was no internet and exposure to new figures and items was limited to the commercials played during Saturday Morning cartoons, getting your toy noticed was an uphill battle. Mattel had the amazing idea of making the box art for MOTU pop out and grab young faces by the cheeks and scream "THIS IS WHAT YOU'LL BE DOING!" and when we got home, that is what we did. Through mounds of potting soil and rocks in the back yard He-Man would ride Battle Cat and defend Castle Greyskull from Skeletor and his evil minions.

Below is a slideshow of some of my absolute favorite pieces of art. 

In the off chance that you don't already know, Netflix has an amazing series called The Toys The Made Us. The docu-series covers the history of some of the most influential, inspirational toy lines from years past including Masters Of The Universe. If you haven't already, watch it NOW. 
For more awesomness like these amazing box art pictures hit the link below: 

Just for a little more nostalgia goodness, checkout this amazing 1986 MOTU Toy Tour that visited malls across the country. Man, the 1980's were an amazing time.

Now, lift above your mighty sword and say... You know the rest...



Posted on January 11, 2018 .