New Diet Coke (Not New Coke)


As you may have heard Coca-Cola is attempting to breath new life into it's stale old formula. Unlike their relaunch with Coca-Cola Zero to Coca-Cola ZERO SUGAR, the formula for Diet Coke will remain unchanged. Instead they have a spattering of new flavors for the sodas. Confusingly, three of the flavors are given adjectives that describe the flavor, while Cherry is described as "Feisty", making cherry the Blanche Devereaux of the new line up. 


In addition to slutting up Diet Cherry Coke, the cans get a Virginia Slim design in shape and new color scheme to make it appear skinnier. No matter what the contents do to your body at least they'll slim the can down. That's for sure.

I can't imagine this will help all that much and as the world continues to search for healthy food with good taste, Diet Coke will continue to fizzle out. My question is why can't Coca-Cola just make Diet Coca-Cola?  

Posted on January 10, 2018 .