The ORIGINAL Hipstervention!

Lou's family is fed up with his hipster lifestyle and decide it's time to let him know. Lot's of people in here that are related to Andy Carl, including the star; M. Henry as Lou.  



Cooking 4 One

Unaware of his unsettling creepiness, Danny Sinair teaches us how to make tuna salad and what the best plan of action is when taking care of that pesky tuna water.  

Cooking 4 One : Holiday Edition In 2D

Set your boosters on sadgusting as Danny prepares a meal during the holiday season. Sadly, this is the last we've seen of Danny for a while... What ever became of this sad sad weirdo?

People Puppet Theatre

Two parts mimery. One part voice over. All parts amazing.
Occasional Reservoir Geek guest star Matt tells Chris of a fateful date that was ruined by skunk beer however Andy Carl does all the talking.
The results are awesomeness! 

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