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Chris and Andy Carl  circa 2003

Chris and Andy Carl circa 2003

 In 2006 long time friends Chris Durbin and Andy Carl Valentin formed the music promoting company Man-At-Arms and it failed miserably but the two pals did not give up hope. As time passed ideas of ideas came and went but the duo still hung onto the desire to work together but whatever could they possibly do that was equal parts awesome and fun? Well, with the podcast craze picking up (and an unusually high feeling of self importance) the boys decided to throw their hat in the ring and started the Reservoir Geeks podcast. 
The show typically focused on random discussions about movies, videogames, pop culture and too often about little people. They had a very little to moderate success and primarily among friends, family and acquaintances but more than anything they had fun making each episode. Eventually, additional people were added to the show and a producer was brought on board, however this change in programming would prove to cause only problems with scheduling and overall focus. As the team struggled to get together, far too often life served to get in the way and the consistency in quantity and quality began to falter.
The Reservoir Geeks podcast took a hiatus as Chris and Andy worked to fix the problems and in the end the two founders decided it would be best to return to the original formula and record a cleaner shorter show with just the two of them. Just as things seemed to be rolling along nicely and the guys were getting their grove back a dire and life changing event took place and once again Reservoir Geeks fell by the wayside. As it always seems to do; life carried on.
Chris and Andy remained close friends as Reservoir Geeks seemed to drift away on the current of life. Changes in life and relationships came to both of them as Chris moved to Dallas with his future fiancee and Andy Carl continued to return to the same fruitless tree of his past. Regardless of where their lives took them though, both Chris and Andy always found themselves wanting to work together but struggled to find a consistent platform.
In the months following the podcast Chris had began to focus more on videography and directing and Andy found himself happily single and free and wanting to work. So one evening, while simply messing around with Chris's new camera equipment, they made a cooking video about a creepy loner called Danny and were happy with the results.  And as destiny would have it later that year with the development and successful execution of the Lovely Soiree at the Bottle Rocket Motel (then called Save the Bottle Rocket Motel) Andy and Chris met tons of like-minded film fans, event promoters, podcasters, filmmakers and entrepreneurs.

In the years since Reservoir Geeks has become primarily known for their annual Lovely Soiree at the Bottle Rocket Motel and they continue to work on short films and sometimes a podcast. They have also collaborated on special events and production with contacts they made and have become friends with.  

Reservoir Geeks was not created to make a million dollars or to thrust the duo into fame. In fact, the sole purpose and business model for Reservoir Geeks has always been and always will be to have fun and entertain others no matter how many or few were paying attention. 

Chris and Andy Carl  circa the other day

Chris and Andy Carl circa the other day


In the words of Dignan they have had;



"Success! Full Success!"