Co-Founder / Host / Director / Contributor

Chris is a cornucopia of talent overflowing with photography, music, laughter and much more.
His eye for detail and meticulous nature are what gives Reservoir Geeks their professional look and feel. Some people aren't as smart as they let on but quite the opposite can be said for Chris who is not only a brilliant visionary but also an accomplished artist, photographer and musician (click here for a taste of his amazing work).


Co-Founder / Host / Writer / Contributor

Andy maintains most projects for Reservoir Geeks, be it the logistics for events or crazy harebrained ideas that sometimes actually come to fruition. With his talent for problem solving and skills in promotional organization Andy has taken Reservoir Geeks from the pipe dream it was to the recognizable organization it is today.
The hamster in his mind's wheel is constantly running pushing him toward their next crazy venture.



Contributor / Video / Booker

Doug is a reluctantly middle aged man, born and raised in DFW. He spends his days at an 8-5 in the mortgage servicing industry. In his free time, he enjoys watching TV and movies, reading and cooking. He is an avid lover of trying new beers and whiskeys as well as new cuisine. His hobbies include attempting to play D&D and woodworking.



Contributor / Host / Writer 

Josh grew up in a speed trap of a small town. Forced to entertain himself or die of boredom he resorted to shooting short films and stencil art to pass the time. Joshua has since became a functioning member of society with an occasional outburst of anti social behavior.



Contributor / Host / Social Media

Josh is a film, tv, and videogame fan. He’s the owner of a media company named Gingered Route. He and his wife April call the Deep Ellum neighborhood near downtown Dallas home. Josh spends most of his time being angry about bad camera work and editing in movies. His favorite pastime is pretending that he loves professional wrestling ironically.



Contributor / Writer / Art Dept.

Matt is a life long St. Louis Cardinals and TMNT fan with a artistic talent that is a result of both loves. His artistic ability has been seen on promo items, merchandise and on a Conan commercial break. His sense of humor has made him a great guest and friend. When not being artistic and funny, he gets struck by trucks (see photo above).  




Megan is a librarian who enjoys reading (obviously), making stuff, David Bowie, thrifting, and live music, but not necessarily in that order. She lives in a 1940s house filled with oddball vintage collections and loves to plan wacky themed parties for her friends. Costumes are encouraged.




Samuel, the son of Mexican immigrants and proud American.
He thrusts his imagination and perspective in a myriad of skews and dimensions. The unofficially strongest geek in the reservoir, he is on the prowl for the lowest hanging fruit to serve with a marmalade of insults and self-deprecating humor.