In 1995 Wes Anderson picked the Windmill Inn (now Days Inn Hillsboro) to serve as a partial backdrop to his directorial debut, Bottle Rocket.

In 2011 the Reservoir Geeks learned of the motel's financial troubles and what was supposed to be a drunken night with a couple of fans in iconic room 212, ended up becoming Save the Bottle Rocket Motel. It was such a blast the event was dubbed the Lovely Soiree at the Bottle Rocket Motel and was held again every summer until the yearly event came to an end in 2017. Moving forward it was decided that the Lovely Soiree would be held every five years to celebrate the anniversary of Bottle Rocket's release.

Here are some highlights from the Bottle Rocket events so far!


The battle is over but the plight for this and many other independently run business still continue. The motel stands right off I-35 just north of the I-35 east/west split every day, all year. If you are ever making the long drive across the giant from any part of the expansive 505 mile long I-35, stop in at the motel. Stay the night and enjoy the quiet tranquility the motel provides while popping by rooms and locations right there that were used in the movie. It doesn't have to be a huge party with a blow up screen projecting Bottle Rocket, it could be you sitting with your feet in the pool and retiring for the night in the very room film history was written.