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Podcasts We Like - My Brother, My Brother and Me

A couple years ago, my eyes were opened to the wonderous would of podcasts. I had known they existed, but for whatever reason, I never paid them much attention. One day at work, I wanted something different to listen to so I decided to click on the Podcast App on my iPhone. It was like I discovered a long lost universe. I dove in and never looked back.

One of the first podcasts to catch my attention was My Brother, My Brother and Me. It is billed as an advicecast for the modern era. On the show, the scour Yahoo Answers and listener submitted questions and give advice in the most hilarious way possible. Often going off on rambling tangents.


The McElroy brother, Justin, Travis and Griffin, grew up in Huntington, WV and as their lives started to take them to different locations, they started skyping weekly in order to stay in touch. They all had already gone into careers in the gaming and media industry so turning their weekly skype sessions into a podcast seemed like a natural progression.

They started independently in April of 2010 and quickly grew a cult following. By January, 2011, they had joined the Maximum Fun Network of podcasts and have been going strong ever since. They release a new episode every Monday and it is a highlight of my day.


The show itself usually starts with the brother talking about their week in hilarious fashion then moves onto answering questions they find on Yahoo answers or that are submitted by listeners. Now, to say they give advice in the traditional sense, is quite a stretch. What they give is a weekly tapestry of hilarious ramblings and anecdotes that never seem to stop. After 412 episodes, you would think they would be running out of steam, but you would be wrong. Each episode is a fresh as the previous and never a dull moment.

If you are looking for something new to listen to or just need a change of pace, give the McElroy brother three a listen. You wont be disappointed. 

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