Reservoir Geeks EP 16: Christmas Special


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Chris, Andy and Doug get together in the NEW Reservoir Geeks studio to lay down some Christmas goodness. They talk all about their favorite Christmas movies, TV show and commercials and also reminisce about their best Christmas memories. As usual, it wouldn’t be a Reservoir Geeks episode if they didn’t go off topic a few times and these references are HYPER-local but still HYPER-relatable. ENJOY!

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Rushmore At 20.

It might have been Bottle Rocket that introduced the world to Wes Anderson but it was 1998's Rushmore that let us know who he is.


Though Bottle Rocket is and always will be my favorite film, Rushmore is my favorite Wes Anderson movie. I know that might seem strange but stay with me...

Anderson's sophomore film marks the point where he came into his own both storytelling wise and in style. Sure Bottle Rocket has the beats of a Wes Anderson film but he was proving himself to the industry that he is a key player, with Rushmore the training wheels were off and it was his to do with what he pleased. From the theater curtain cuts to the color and pace, it was the first full form of Wes Anderson.


Not only did the film introduce us to Jason Schwartzman but it also reintroduced us to Bill Murray and breathed new life into his career, for both, we the audience are eternally grateful. Beyond the story, style, and cast, Rushmore is movie for the underdog in all of us. It delivers a message that life progresses and nothing (good or bad) lasts forever. It reassures us in insecure moments and it let's you know that, if you make the best of a situation, you will make be in the best situation. Max didn't need Rushmore to be successful, he needed self confidence and that is something we can all take to heart.


So on this day that we celebrate Rushmore (and everyday for that matter), be more a Max and less a Ronny and Donny AND never forget, "take dead on the rich boys... they can buy anything but they can't buy a backbone".

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Stranger Things 3 Teaser and Titles!

Netflix decided to top off the weekend with a teaser trailer for season 3 of Stranger Things.

Much like the teaser for season 2, the titles of each chapter or episode are named and while they might not cause as much as excitement as "Halloween", they do set the scene of Summer '85 in Hawkins.

1)Suzie, Do You Copy?

2)The Mall Rats

3)The Case of the Missing Lifeguard

4)The Sauna Test

5)The Source

6)The Birthday

7)The Bite

8)The Battle of Starcourt

For me, personally, I'm excited for "The Mall Rats" being a ridiculous fan of some good vintage mall footage and teased earlier this year with the Starcourt Mall commercial below.

While we don't have a definite release date yet, we know it's coming soon and I'm holding out hope that we get a late spring/early summer release. Fingers crossed.

So what are you most looking forward to in Stranger Things 3? Let us know!

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Amazon Prime members can see DC's newest film in advance



Amazon is flexing it’s comic book hero sized muscles again by showing it’s close relationship with cinemas. Prime members are offered the ability to see Aquaman 6 days early. If you’re a subscriber you will be able to purchase up to 10 tickets for a 7pm showing on December 15th. This isn’t the first time Amazon has offered this perk. In 2017, subscribers were invited to advance screenings of Jumanji, 12 days before opening night.

Jason Momoa was one of the bright spots in 2017’s less-than-spectacular Justice League movie. Hopefully, Momoa can do with Aquaman what Gal Gadot did with Wonder Woman. So far, Wonder Woman has been DC’s biggest success, earning high marks from both fans and critics. Aquaman is directed by The Conjuring franchise and Furious 7 director James Wan, supporting cast includes Willem Dafoe, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman. If you’re not a Prime member Aquaman opens on December 21st.

Left Dead 4 Ten Years!


Ten years ago on, November 17, 2008, Valve released Left 4 Dead!
For Chris and me, it was an instant classic. We were way into zombie movies and Left 4 Dead gave you the opportunity to not only kill the living dead but also be part of a movie!


The original game was split into four separate stories who themselves were split into four of five levels of their own. Each story could take up to an hour and a half to complete (about the length of a feature film) and even though the levels were limited you never experienced the same game play, no matter how many times you played them.
Our story is about four survivors; Zoey (the college girl) Louis (the business man),Bill (the grizzled old vet), and Francis (the biker), who are thrust together to survive the zombie apocalypse by making their way from safe house to safe house, to escape.
Beyond your run of the mill zombies who stand in your way for survival are ‘special infected’ that consist of a hoodie clad Hunter, rooftop strangler Smoker, bloated gerd stricken Boomer, roid raged Tank and the most frightening of all; a small sad girl called the Witch. All of that and eventual hordes, if you dilly-dally for too long.


Despite already having the structure of a feature film, FOUR feature films, no studio propelled this amazing story onto the silver screen. Of course, they would want to make changes… maybe Zoey and Bill are married, or Francis is a girl… or Louis is white. Hollywood… Even though I would love to see a Left 4 Dead movie, I am perfectly fine seeing it though my gameplay alone.
Left 4 Dead went on to make a sequel (inferior in my opinion) and has spawned fan films, countless pieces of art, cosplay, it’s very own porn parody (Left 4 Head) and TWO podcasts from Reservoir Geeks. That’s a pretty great legacy if you ask me.






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RIP Stan Lee


It’s with our greatest regret that we must inform our readers that Stan Lee, the co-creator of so many of our favorite Marvel characters, and a personal hero of mine has, passed. Stan Lee and Jack Ruby’s characters were a staple in my childhood that taught me the difference between right and wrong. There wasn't a day that went by that one of his characters wasn't an influence in my life in some way. As I grew up the one thing that never changed was Stan Lee’s influence in my life, even to this day his creations still brings me joy. The following will be a remembrance of how his influence affected me throughout my life.


Some of my earliest memories are playing make believe in my grandparents backyard while pretending a trash can lid was Captain America’s shield and I was Cap. I also have fond memories of toting my Wolverine action figure to friends’ houses so we could have the X-men take down Magneto. My God damn underwear at this time in my life had tiny Marvel Characters on them (later in life as well). The only thing that kept me from fighting crime was the fact that I was a poor, overweight, and didn’t have super powers. The thought of missing the animated X-Men TV series after school was devastating, I would literally sprint off of the bus to not miss the intro because of how much I loved the music. A day didn’t pass in my childhood that i didn’t think of one of Stan’s creations.


In my teenage angst years I latched onto one of Stan’s darker creations, The Punisher. Frank Castle (The Punisher) was an ex Marine whos family was stolen from him by murderous mob members. Mistakenly thinking they killed Frank Castle with his family he swore vengeance on any evil doer that he crosses paths with. He knows killing won’t bring his family back, but as a trained killing machine and access to lots of high caliber weapons he can at least he can make sure no one else has to go through what he has with losing his family. The violence and bloodshed was what drew me to The Punisher in my teenage years, but in my later years it was him being the anti-hero in the Marvel universe that kept my love growing for him. As an adult I later had The Punisher skull tattooed on me as a tribute for the love of the character.


As an adult I got to meet Stan at a con. When I found out he was coming to Texas I had to meet him, plus it was a chance to wander around surrounded by all the geeky things I love so why wouldn’t I go? After purchasing my ticket and waiting in line the first thing I did was go to wait in another line to pay for the photo op opportunity. After that I realized it was only an our and a half til it was time for the photo op so not wanting to wait even longer than I had to I went ahead and waited in line for the op. I was 4th in line and excited as ever, it's not everyday you get to meet one of your heros, but the problem at hand was what would i say to him?


Would I be like the rest of the tools and thank him for what he has done for me, and tell him ’m his biggest fan? Should I tell him how much I love The Punisher? No Joshua you're better than that. Make him laugh, that’s the way to make it enjoyable for him and yourself. So as we were let into the room my mind was racing. Obviously it had to be something related to superheroes but what? That’s when it hit me. I heard an interview with Stan talking about how much he loved working with Kevin Smith and wanted to do another one of his movies with him, and Mallrats happens to be on of my favorite Kevin Smith films. So that does it. I'm going to ask him something profane about a superhero’s genitals.


So now it’s my turn to take a photo, as i walk up I make sure to turn my back to the camera guy as I shake Stan’s hand (so that way he couldn’t take our photo just yet) and ask him “ Mr. Lee, may I ask you a question?”, with an excited voice Stan replied, “Certainly!” So I asked “Can Mr. Fantastic stretch......” At this point I Leaned in closer to Stan and said, “Everywherrrreeeee?” he replied laughing, “ABSOLUUUUUTELY!” I laughed pretty hard as i leaned in for the photo with him and gave a double thumbs up, to my surprise (because for the first 3 people he didn’t say anything to or even get close to them for their photo) he pat me on the back and leaned in doing the double thumbs up with me still chuckling. So after a few hours it was time to pick up my photo and as I went up to the table full of photo I see mine.........It’s amazing! It’s the best one on the whole table! Everyone else’s was smiling, but like that "forced to smile for a yearbook" photo. MIne? He was cheesing! He was legit having a good time. Suck it nerds! I won the Stan Lee photos!


I hope everyone had a chance to meet this man. He was a kind, caring, loving man who will be dearly missed by his fans, friends, and family. Take this day to reflect on how he has affected us positively. Let’s all share memories with each other on what we love about him. I would like to think that’s how he would have wanted it.


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Podcasts We Listen To: Dirty John


After listening to the wildly entertaining Dr. Death, I decided to delve into the slightly older sister podcast Dirty John. What I was hoping for was more of the same but was surprised to discover that even though it had the same familiar beats and pace of Doctor Death, Dirty John was a crazier story on a much more intimate level.


The six part series covers the horrific relationship of Debra Newell and her too good to be true doctor boyfriend and eventual husband, John Meehan. During the first five episodes I was intrigued and fascinated  by the loonacy that is John Meehan but confused as to why this story was any more worthy than others.  Then the last episode happened... And that's all I will say. Just listen for yourself BEFORE the Bravo miniseries begins on November 25th.

You will not be disappointed. 

The Dirty John podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts.

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First Look at Ruby Rose as Batwoman

The CW released it’s first promo photo for the upcoming series “Batwoman”. The series has Orange is the New Black alumni Ruby Rose playing the titular role as Batwoman, Kat Kane. The new series will be part of The CW’s DC television universe which includes shows like Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. The partnership between DC and CW has been very successful so far because of both parties dedication to using actors, directors, and writers who are long time fans of the comic book characters. Two months ago when Ruby was a guest on The Tonight Show she got emotional when talking about how much it meant to her to play this character, that’s encouraging for several different reasons. What do you think of the new Batwoman?

 Ruby Rose as Kat Kane, Batwoman.

Ruby Rose as Kat Kane, Batwoman.

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The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Halloween is coming up and pumpkins, spiders, and the undead are popping up all over my social media feed - it really is the most wonderful time of the year! And to make the holiday even sweeter, Netflix recently announced a new original series that I can’t wait to binge while downing candy corn and mallow pumpkins: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.


Not quite sure what this promo poster is teasing? An offbeat horror series? The Great British Bake Off's goth cousin? Macabre Muppets? How about a little of each. Christine McConnell is a powerhouse of creativity - a skilled photographer, designer, baker, seamstress, and overall gentile badass. Imagine if Tim Burton and Dita Von Teese had a love child and Martha Stewart was the fairy godmother. And speaking of Dita Von Teese, expect her to show up in an episode or two.

McConnell will be creating spooky and spectacular eats and creepy crafts in her Addams Family-esque home for all the “wildly inappropriate creatures” within, namely Henson Alternative (the adult Muppet spinoff) puppets: a werewolf, raccoon, and mummy chihuahua. “This is our home,” Christine states in the trailer, “and it’s a place where the strange and unusual are safe and welcome.” Right on.


The series premiers October 12 on Netflix, but until then, check out Christine’s Instagram feed and marvel at her truly curious creations or test out one of her recipes to get you in a spooky mood.

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Space Oddities - September: Oklahoma City

I decided that once a month in 2018, I’m going to take a quick trip to explore/see/do/hear something weird and unusual in the space around me. I’m calling these Space Oddities and this is September…

After making an appointment a few weeks ago to get my next tattoo in Oklahoma City, I decided to make the most of a quick day trip and fit in a few fun stops while I was there. And because September has proven to be a bit busy for me at work, I also decided it would be my monthly Space Oddity (so practical).


I left super early to make it to OKC in time for an amazing late breakfast at Cafe Kacao, a quietly trendy Guatemalan restaurant in, what I figured out later as I was waiting for my food, a renovated 1980s Wendy’s building. The coffee choices on the menu looked amazing, as did all the breakfast foods (my love language). I ordered what might have been the tastiest breakfast I’ve ever had: Tostones Eggs Benedict with carne asada and spicy Hollandaise. Dang.


After breakfast, I had just enough time before my tattoo appointment to stop by one of the most colorful spaces I’ve ever seen and loved: Womb Gallery. Well, what used to be the Womb Gallery - I’ve been trying to find out if it’s still open and it appears as if the gallery has closed. That’s not to say it isn’t worth stopping to marvel at its wild exterior, though.


Womb was a psychedelic arts center co-founded by Flaming Lips front-man Wayne Coyne and the building is drenched in colorful murals and shapes and patterns and if it doesn’t make you smile, you might be dead. I’d been there a few years ago on a day it just wasn’t open and this time around it was permanently closed, so I’m destined to have never seen the inside, but that’s okay. I derived enough happiness just walking around the outside and that’s kinda all I’m looking for in a Space Oddity adventure.


Compared to my last tattoo appointment (clocking in at over four hours), this time around was pretty quick. I had it done at Black Mint Collective in Oklahoma City and I love how it turned out!  Simple and stylistic and just enough of a Wes Anderson vibe for my taste. Here’s a recap of what each symbol represents: Monstera leaf // Golden Girls -- Apple // The Beatles (Apple Records) -- Record player // Moonrise Kingdom -- Tent // The Royal Tenenbaums -- Keychain // The Shining -- Rug // The Big Lebowski.


The only thing I didn’t think about ahead of time was having a three-hour drive home with my arm wrapped up in Saran Wrap from wrist to elbow… very limited mobility, so it was an interesting ride home. But I had Harry Potter to keep me company! Always (no pun intended) bring a good audio book on car journeys.

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