The Happytime Murders: Not your Mama's Muppets


After years of speculation and dwindling hopes the trailer for The Happytime Murders dropped this morning! We first heard about this Sesame Street meets Se7en puppet-filled serial killer mash-up 6 years ago when concept art started circulating.  We're happy to report that the world where puppets and humans co-mingle seen in the trailer looks very true to what we saw in the concept art back in 2012. The Happytime Murders is the first feature film produced under the Henson Alternative brand and, to add to the excitement, Brian Henson (son of Jim Henson) still looks to be in the director's chair. It's great to see that all the things that made the initial reports sound so interesting haven't changed. Although we can't say we're too broken up about Melissa McCarthy taking on the lead role as opposed to Katherine Heigl...

  Original Concept from March 2012

Original Concept from March 2012

Check out the red band trailer below!

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TRAILER PARK (5/6-5/12)

I wonder if Predators ever hunt anything besides humans... If only they would do a cross over with Mamma Mia and whoever keeps making Hotel Transylvanias. What a wonderful world we would have. 

GREAT The Predator

GOOD/GREAT Loving Pablo

GOOD Adrift

GOOD Searching

BAD Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

WTF Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
(Why can't we get another Monster House?)

So what do you think? I was a little on the fence with Harold Searched For Kumar, simply because the storytelling style if stolen from 2014's Unfriended. Anyway, let me know what you think.

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The Mini Mystery Caper


I'm sure most of us here have caught a collecting bug at least a time or two. Recently I contacted a fever Rick and Morty mystery minis. These little figures have reawakened the dormant virus. Many years as an avid collector of Marvel's Mighty Muggs and legends lines as well as the short lived DC Universe Classics.


I knew first hand what it took to collect. The rabid frenzy searching every store making calls and the anxious rounding of the corner to see what was on the rack. The thrill of finding the missing figures from the waves. The mystery minis are a tad bit different though as the name would entail the blind boxes provide a daunting and frustrating challenge. It can be a money sink so trying to find them all is well in a word dumb.


So tell me why I have all the first wave. It's a fever I have a problem I know. There are other options to help with the search EBAY. Yes the long known EBAY can be a help when searching for almost anything but you are at the will of the sellers. The high prices can be exorbitant. So what to do!? I need my fix. That's not to mention the rarities. That's another whole can of worms. 1/72 72!?! It's just wrong. So with the odds stacked against me I soldier on trying to find the rarest of the rare. So I devised a diabolical plan but keep it on the low. 


Here is the scoop; a weight scale. The grams never lie. So off I go at the Walmart with a sheet full of weights that I already had. So I'm innocently weighing the boxes and cross referencing weights when it happens... Security asks me what I'm doing and so I come clean. I'm escorted out buy an armed guard! AN ARMED GUARD!! I was able to weasel my way out of a intent to distribute charge. I guess it's back to EBAY I go.

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Are you going to Homegrown Fest today? It’s the ninth year for the Texas-artist-centric music festival and it looks to be a beautiful day for hearing some great music!
The lineup this year is spectacular, but I would say that because I’ve been having a love affair with several of the bands for years. And it would have to be spectacular to outdo the triumphant return of Tripping Daisy at last year’s fest:

This year, I’m looking forward to Alvvays, The Black Angels, and Explosions in the Sky. I saw Alvvays last fall when they were in town and their dream pop show was so much fun and full of energy and polite Canadian sweetness (obviously not from Texas, so I don’t know how they ended up on the lineup, but I’m definitely not complaining).

I’ve been a Black Angels girl for awhile now. My friends and I always wear black & white stripes to their shows and, at one point, we even made a cartoon about the imagined life of guitarist Christian Bland. The first time I saw The Black Angels, they played with psychedelic rock pioneer Roky Erickson, who, incidentally, is also playing today.

But these guys… Explosions in the Sky. They’re it for me - an exclusive member of my All-Time Top 5 Bands. There’s nothing quite like hearing these progressive rockers playing live and, even better, it’ll be under an open Texas night sky. Their instrumental music is mesmerizing and driving and there are no words for the feelings they create. A must-experience.

Homegrown Fest will be at in Dallas at the Main Street Garden Park and you can still buy tickets by going to!

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Aggretsuko: Working Girl Rage

aggretsuko 1.jpg

It's been quite busy here at RG Headquarters these last few weeks. We've all got day jobs and sometimes those day jobs can interfere with the fun stuff. That interference can lead to frustration, and frustration can lead to rage. Netflix's Aggretsuko couldn't have dropped at a better time.


Aggretsuko (short for Aggressive Retsuko) tells the story of Retsuko, a 20-something red panda working a boring accounting job just trying to make it through the day. We follow her as she navigates the narrow straits between annoying co-workers and her literal pig-headed boss. She does a pretty good job of keeping it all together, but every adorable animated panda's got their breaking point.... When it's all too much to bear, Retsuko escapes to a safe place (or sometimes a bathroom stall at work) and belts outs her frustrations via death metal karaoke!


Quite simply, the series is a must-watch.

Not only does it speak to my inner-metal fan (the music's actually quite good), but so many of Retsuko's thoughts, feelings, and reactions echo moments from my own mid-20's (although I never had to deal with the same level of sexism/chauvanism she does). Even in my 30's I find Retsuko is a kindred spirit. One episode finds Retsuko begrudgingly handing over a cash gift at the wedding of a friend which results in mayo and bread crust lunches for the foreseeable future. It's all too real. She swears she's not an office drone and dreams of a life beyond the walls of paperwork and deadlines. Inevitably, those daydreams end and she's back at home eating takeout and downing a few beers just to wake up and do it all again the next day.


Aggretsuko was created by Sanrio company of Hello, Kitty fame and made her first television appearance on TBS in 2016 in a series of one-minute shorts. Netlfix recently picked up the rights and has released 10 new 15-minute episodes. Netflix seems to be on a roll with these original adult-rated animated shows, specifically "F is for Family" and "Big Mouth".

giphy agg.gif

Aggretsuko offers a more honest portrayal of "adulting" than some other live-action workplace comedies. If you've ever worked an office job. If you were ever broke. If you ever wished for something more while your friends (seemingly) had it all figured out, then Aggretsuko might be your spirit animal, too.

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The Return of Rick Moranis

01-Lord Helmet.jpg

High on the list of favorite actors from my childhood years is a bespectacled “every-man” capable of vanquishing ghosts, shrinking teenagers, and channeling “The Schwartz” to co-head an empire. That man and comedy legend, is Rick Moranis.

While I, personally, am the level of Rick Moranis fan to name my Fantasy Football team “The Louis Tully All-Stars” (accompanied by a pic of his character from Ghostbusters 2 as the icon, see below), hearing his name seems to spark a smile and a “Hey, what ever happened to that guy?” out of most anyone who hears it.


The answer to that question is sad but respectable. In 1991, Rick lost his wife Anne to breast cancer, and was unexpectedly thrown into the role of single parent to their two young children. The next couple years that followed gave us a few more memorable Moranis roles including a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” sequel, a turn as an underdog football coach in “Little Giants”, and as Barney Rubble in 1994’s live-action “The Flintstones” movie. However, after a few years of tapering down the workload while trying to balance it with personal priorities, eventually he completely stepped away from the big screen to raise his son and daughter full time.

(*Rick Moranis' children NOT pictured below*)

03- Flintstones.jpg


Unfortunately for his fans and the comedy world in general, Moranis’ appearances have been very scarce since. More specifically, he hasn’t truly appeared in anything, but only limited himself to very sparse voiceover work since the early 00's. The most notable being his 2003 role as 1/2 a duo of moose brothers in Disney's otherwise forgettable animated feature "Brother Bear" which reunited him with long-time comedy cohort Dave Thomas in a clear callback to their famous “Bob & Doug McKenzie” characters from “SCTV” and their movie “Strange Brew”.


In recent years the Moranis void in our lives has felt extra apparent due most recently to the fact that he declined a cameo in the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot which managed to feature all the other stars of the original. But while you couldn’t find him on screen in the past decade, he’s been contributing to pop culture in a less expected medium. In 2006 Moranis released an album of 13 twangy tunes called “The Agoraphobic Cowboy”; it’s self-deprecating title simultaneously confirming that if there was any doubt, “yes, this is THAT Rick Moranis” and poking fun at it’s author’s post movie star life. The album is as likely to make you tap your foot along as it is to audibly chuckle. In 2013 he released another album, the hilariously named “My Mother's Brisket & Other Love Songs” that in title alone, confirms the comedian we know is still in there, he’s just found another outlet.

05-The Agoraphobic Cowboy.jpg

Tonight we get a rare treat. Rick Moranis will once again entertain us anew through a screen! Anyone who's caught an episode of ABC’s The Goldbergs can attest that no show better caters to nostalgic 80’s kids. Tonight’s May 9th Spaceballs episode promises to be no exception as Rick Moranis will lend his voice to Lord Helmet again. While I would vouch for The Goldberg’s high comedy quality regardless of guest star, it’s extra impressive and further evidence that they got The Agoraphobic Cowboy to leave his house to take part. In whatever capacity it ends up being, I’m glad to have Rick Moranis back, even if it’s for just one night.


[If you miss The Goldbergs live, catch it on and Hulu.]

06-The Goldbergs.jpg
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Trailer Park (4/29-5/5)

It's been a beat, right? 
Paul Rudd seems to be on a hot streak in the trailer game, Saban proves it's more than just Power Rangers, DC looks to have made a second good comic book movie (by sticking to the source material), an Ana Kendrick movie, and a couple of unneeded rehashes with Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom Jeans and Assasin's Robin Hood Creed. 
It's your one stop shop for the trailers from last week, all parked here in one spot!

GREAT Ant-Man and The Wasp

GREAT The Catcher Was a Spy

GOOD/GREAT Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

GOOD/GREAT The Yellow Birds

GOOD A Simple Favor

BAD Book Club

BAD Robin Hood

Was I wrong in any of my assessments? Sound off below! 

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Mixed Up Burgers: Review


If a burger is a blank canvas, the guys at Mixed Up Burgers sure do paint a pretty picture.

Located in an unassuming strip mall behind a Circle K is far west Grand Prairie is a gem of a burger establishment. Mixed Up Burgers twist on the classic is they mix in the topping into the patty. They have all manner of mix-ins and topping to choose from so let your heart be your guide and build the burger of your dreams.


Including a vast selection of pre designed burgers, they feature a Burger Of The Month. This months BOM is the Chorizo Burger. It’s 10 oz of Chorizo & Fresh Ground Beef with pepper jack cheese mixed in cooked to perfection on a flat-top grill. It is served on a well toasted telera bun with avocado mash, pico, lettuce and cotilla cheese.


Once I saw that on the menu, I knew I had to have it. I paired it with a side of well-done, natural cut fries.


I have had Chorizo burgers in the past, and while good, they are often a greasy mess. I don’t know what the ratio of chorizo to beef they used, but it was perfect. All the chorizo flavor stayed in the burger and not running down your arm. Truth be told, I’m not much of an avocado/guac person, but it was a welcome addition to this beauty. It added just the right amount of creaminess without muting everything out. The veggies and the pico were fresh and had a nice crunch. All in all, a very well put together burger.


The fries were also a welcome treat. I always order freshly cut fries well done since it’s hard to get them nice and crispy. Im talking to you In-N-Out Burger. They did these fries right! Perfectly crispy and well seasoned, just as a fry should be.

If you are looking for a good burger and a local business to support, give Mixed Up Burgers a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Mixed Up Burgers

510 E. Ave K

Grand Prairie, TX
Tel: 972.606.6700

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Cobra Kai REVIEW


A lot of revivals and revisits have been happening in recent years. It's seen by many as "unoriginal" and "lazy" but what needs to be understood is that starting with the late 70's movies and television began having a more solid substance as far as extended story lines and world building. Sequels existed before but did not reach their full potential until the 70's with the Planet of the Apes series, Star Wars, the Star Trek films, Indiana Jones... The list goes on. Before then films and television did not require revivals because there wasn't as heavy of a fandom. So the continuation of stories from the those years may not be needed but, when executed well, are welcomed.


In that world of welcomed revivals is the return to the world of the Karate Kid but through the eyes of Johnny Lawrence. YouTube Red has not had much success with original programming, a division they seemed to make a mistake with by featuring popular YouTube stars in series that seemed hastily thrown together. A move that left a bad taste in the fans of those stars' mouth by ostensibly putting new content behind a paywall. 
As a subscriber to Google Music I got YouTube Red for free and enjoy it for it's commercial free videos but have never found anything worth bragging about when it came to programming until now. 


Cobra Kai is what YouTube Red should have led with. A series that within the first two episodes can go toe-to-toe with a Netflix or Hulu original. It pays respect to the original three films without ever making it feel like lip service or cheap. As I stated in the Super Trooper 2 review, often sequels lean to heavily on the crutch of the original but Cobra Kai is the complete opposite. The villain is now a lowly loser underdog and the hero is now a self righteous douche, both clinging so hard to the past that they can't see each other as anything more than the enemies they once were. This is a move that flips the dynamic on it's head but, I'd imagine, over the series will prove for both men that they have more in common than they think. The series hits the ground running and through a few flashbacks and a little character development to catch the audience up, by the end of episode one, you're in. I don't know how it will end but I already hold out hope for a second season.
The first two episodes of Cobra Kai are available now for free on YouTube and with a free month of Red you can burn through the other eight, as I plan to immediatly after posting this. If YouTube Red continues producing quality programming on the level as Cobra Kai they definitely will be able to give other streaming services a run for their money.



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