NuWAY Crumbly Burgers - Wichita, KS

On my further exploration of Wichita by way of mouth, I chomped my path toward NuWAY, a Wichita staple since July 4, 1930. To call them burgers would be a mistake, they are in fact "Crumble Burgers" made with loose meat as seen on Roseanne.  


The menu had plenty to offer from hot dogs to chicken strips but I had my eye on the prize; a signature NuWAY Crumbly Burger and a Root Beer but not just any Root Beer, this one is made daily, on site. So two things I love were both offered here, a loose meat burger and a Root Beer. I reviewed Taco Bueno's Taco Burger which is the same initial concept and I may have been the person who kept Maid-Rite alive in Texas for their short existence in Texas. So though I may not be a food expert, I'm pretty well versed in the art of loose meat burgers. 


I'll go by what hit the tongue first, the Root Beer. It was ice cold, sweet and even though it tasted like Root Beer it was something special. Not overbearing in sweetness and not too syrupy either, just a nice cold refreshing brew that satisfied but didn't sit too heavy. As we pulled away, I instantly regretted not buying a 2-liter.
Now to the business at hand. The reason I stopped by. The NuWAY Crumbly Burger... Holy cow! Not only was it worth the wait, it gives me something to look forward to revisiting. My longing for a Maid-Rite was instantly replaced by this baby. A simply dressing of mustard, onion and pickle, I added cheese to hold the meat together but it was unneeded. The meat, though loose, held together on its own and, with the help of the fresh and firm bun, the meat didn't spill out. This was due largely thanks to the meat not being terribly greasy or wet. Just a nice, evenly portioned scoop of meat that was the perfect moistness (sorry to the 18% of you that hate that word). 

If ever you are in Wichita, KS, make sure to hit up one of the five NuWAY locations for a chance at pure loose meat heaven.   

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Nathan Fillion is FINALLY Nathan Drake!

Uncharted 1.jpg

Ever since the release of Uncharted for the PS3 in 2007 fans have been dying to see Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) take on the role of Uncharted's hero, Nathan Drake.

Well, the wait is over.

Director Allan Ungar dropped his "Live Action Fan Film" simply titled "Uncharted" on YouTube this morning and it's everything you've dreamed of, or at least 15 minutes of that dream. I use quotations because to say this is just a "fan film" would be an insult. It's FANTASTIC! Nathan Fillion is pitch perfect as Drake. He captures everything we love about the wise-cracking globe trotting treasure hunter, originally voiced by Nolan North across the span of four games in the Uncharted franchise. You can't help but grin when Fillion is revealed in the midst of another adventure. An even greater surprise comes in the form of Drake's cigar chomping mentor and sidekick, Sully, played by Stephen Lang (Avatar). I had long wondered who might be cast in this role were a movie ever to be made and I have to say that casting was spot on. They even manage to make a nod to the games' seamless flow from cutscene to gameplay with a clever edit. If you cross your eyes you'd swear it was gameplay footage from the latest release.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 4.31.47 PM.png

For the eagle-eyed nerd there's a little something special in the form of a cameo from Ernie Reyes Jr. of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II fame. 

Uncharted 3.jpg

As a die-hard fan from the beginning I must say this is a day I never thought I'd see. As the years passed following the first game the hopes of seeing Fillion as Drake dwindled. It didn't seem like a franchise Hollywood was interested in making at the time and if some studio did manage to secure the rights it they would make anything but the right casting choice. I'm not holding my breath hoping that this was just a teaser of a motion picture in the works. I know it won't happen, but at the very least I got to see some of my favorite characters from the video game universe jump off screen. Tom Holland (Spiderman: Homecoming) has signed on to play a young Drake in an upcoming film and that sounds pretty cool. But if that movie blows, we still got to see Drake "Fill-ed" out.

If you haven't played any of the Uncharted games, or if you've ever wanted to play a movie, drop what you are doing and find a PS4 now!

Get a Clue

I remember going to see Clueless for the first time as a freshman in high school. I hated it. I thought it was so stupid. But then I saw it again. And again. And again. And I’ve been quoting it ever since. Clueless turns 23 on July 19th and, while it’s not a milestone anniversary worthy of being gifted a Jeep, it’s totally worth pausing to consider how you can incorporate nods to this 90s cult classic in your modern life.

Clueless Vinyl.PNG

Are you a Josh who digs the the maudlin music of the university station? Or a Tai rollin’ with the homies? You need the Clueless soundtrack on vinyl. The limited edition, 180 gram pressing is easy to pick up from Amazon, but if you dig a bit, you can snag the yellow plaid picture disc edition, a 2015 Record Store Day release. Don’t leave this record in the quad with your Cranberries CD, though.


Do you want to look like a total Betty at your next political rally? Cher proved she was wise beyond her years in debate class and you can do the same with a timely RSVP t-shirt from Kate Gabrielle. Because in some parts of the universe, it’s considered cool to know what’s going on in the world. (Psst, you can download a free protest sign if you need an accessory for a civic march!)


If we learned anything from Clueless, it’s that we should always strive for improvement. Well, maybe that wasn’t the central theme, but, as Cher teaches Tai, nurturing your mind and body is just as important as doing something good for humanity. Cleaner skincare and makeup products are the modern version of nurturing your body, so if you’re looking for the perfect non-toxic shade for making a cameo at the Val party, try As If, an homage lipstick from Oui Fresh.


How futuristic did it seem when Cher matched and then summoned her preppy outfits from the closet for a day at school? The time has arrived when you, too, can have a way normal life and do the same. There are a few different closet inventory apps to choose from, but Stylebook Closet App seems to be the forerunner in fashion matching (but, sadly, not fetching).


Homework might not be a thing in your life anymore, but it’s always a good idea to read one non-school book a week… or month, now that you’re a busy adult. Did you know that Clueless is based on Jane Austen’s Emma? Tackling marriage, gender, and social status with humor, this comedy of manners inspired Amy Heckerling to adapt the novel into a then-modern movie. Start expanding your horizons with the 200th anniversary annotated edition of the classic that started it all.  


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Podcasts We Like - My Brother, My Brother and Me

A couple years ago, my eyes were opened to the wonderous would of podcasts. I had known they existed, but for whatever reason, I never paid them much attention. One day at work, I wanted something different to listen to so I decided to click on the Podcast App on my iPhone. It was like I discovered a long lost universe. I dove in and never looked back.

One of the first podcasts to catch my attention was My Brother, My Brother and Me. It is billed as an advicecast for the modern era. On the show, the scour Yahoo Answers and listener submitted questions and give advice in the most hilarious way possible. Often going off on rambling tangents.


The McElroy brother, Justin, Travis and Griffin, grew up in Huntington, WV and as their lives started to take them to different locations, they started skyping weekly in order to stay in touch. They all had already gone into careers in the gaming and media industry so turning their weekly skype sessions into a podcast seemed like a natural progression.

They started independently in April of 2010 and quickly grew a cult following. By January, 2011, they had joined the Maximum Fun Network of podcasts and have been going strong ever since. They release a new episode every Monday and it is a highlight of my day.


The show itself usually starts with the brother talking about their week in hilarious fashion then moves onto answering questions they find on Yahoo answers or that are submitted by listeners. Now, to say they give advice in the traditional sense, is quite a stretch. What they give is a weekly tapestry of hilarious ramblings and anecdotes that never seem to stop. After 412 episodes, you would think they would be running out of steam, but you would be wrong. Each episode is a fresh as the previous and never a dull moment.

If you are looking for something new to listen to or just need a change of pace, give the McElroy brother three a listen. You wont be disappointed. 

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Picasso's Pizza - Wichita, KS

While away from home, my goal is to eat only at places I can't find when back home.  Places unique to the area I'm visiting.


My aunt suggested we hit up a place called Picasso's Pizza in the Old Town section of Wichita. A place known for their HUGE pizzas and massive individual slices. A slice of pizza that lops over the sides of a food tray, because this "Za" is too big for a plate.


The menu has a wide selection of toppings to add in addition to their signature slices. Not only pizza was on the board though, they also have a wide variety of calzones, salads and more. Beyond the food, Picasso's has a massive beer selection to perfectly pair with any slice you may like.


I indulged in a meat heavy slice called the Heart Attack. So large are the slices, that the guy behind the counter asks you if you'd like it cut up into more manageable pieces. With a slice of pizza as long as your forearm, wrist and hand, it's sort of a must.

Now here comes the unique part, my cousin's daughter asked me if I was going to put honey on my slice. From the expression of "dafaq" on my face, she began to attempt to convince me that not only was she serious but that it was actually good. When the pizza arrived, so did the moment of truth and so did the honey.


The pizza was delicious; the taste and quality is not lost in the novelty of the giant slices. Even though the slice is massive, it is still manageable and not a waste because they don't go overly thick on the dough or heavy on the cheese, two things that tend to fill you up quickly. Now the honey... What can I tell you? I recently saw a group of people talking about combining peanut butter and chilli, something I can't imagine being good. Then again, I wouldn't think honey could go on pizza but even there, I was wrong. The sweetness of the honey is a perfect combination with the savory of the pizza, like strawberry jam on a sausage patty. I don't think it will be a regular addition to pizza for me but definitely deserves a revisit. 

So if ever you are up Kansas way, make sure to stop off at Picasso's for a huge slice of pizza and MAYBE a drizzle of honey.

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Everyone has a soundtrack to their summer whether it be the playlist from the backyard barbecue, the tunes you turn up to 11 when cruising with the windows down, or those songs discovered in the summertimes of your youth whose warm feeling never faded away. 

With the summer sun once again baring down on us it was time to revisit my own personal summertime standards ranging from the obvious but inarguable, to the deep cuts of my collection and everywhere inbetween. In lieu of me physically handing you a burned CD-R with “#1 Summer Jamz” scrawled on it in Sharpie, here’s a taste of my summer soundtrack


1) Doin’ Time – Sublime (1996)

Admittedly I wasn’t a big enough fan of Sublime to ever own their CD myself; true to the era I just burned a copy of my brother’s CD. That and the fact this song leads off with “Summertime and the livin’s easy” explain why it was a regular in my summer rotation but also why for the longest time, I thought the title was actually “Summertime” (not "Doin' Time"). Somehow as a distracted suburban youth I’d glossed over the fact that all the rest of the lyrics were about your girlfriend cheating on you while you’re in prison or it may have occurred to me. I guess relatability isn’t required to reach summer anthem status if the music is catchy enough.


2) Little Drops of Summer – Lil Cap’n Travis (1999)

If I didn’t tell you this song came out in the late 90’s, it’s xylophone intro and the slow choral “bom bom”s of it’s background vocals would have you think it was released in 1964 and Lil’ Capn’ Travis had once opened for the Beach Boys in concert. It’s dreamy melody paired with lyrics of lost summer love instantly transport me into any one of several Wonder Years episodes where Kevin doesn’t get the girl, yet you know everything is going to be alright anyway. Regardless of the time of year, “Little Drops of Summer” has become an all-time favorite of mine. If there’s one song on this list you hit play on, make it this one.


3) Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince (1991)

For my money, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince authored the definitive summer song when they put out “Summertime”. It’s like a recipe for the perfect summer day- basketball at the park, grilling with the fam, and the glory days of flirting with girls at any opportunity to name just a few choice ingredients. The song almost feels self-aware, knowing that by naming off every classic summer tradition it’s becoming one itself. The association is so strong that if it comes on shuffle during any other season something just feels wrong. Given that I was 9 at it’s release “Summertime” didn’t make it onto my radar til several years after it had been out, but I remember well that “where have you been all my life” feeling the first time I heard it that only truly great music can trigger.


4) Summer in the City – The Lovin’ Spoonful (1966)

I grew up with a healthy dose of oldies in my life and many of those were introduced to me during summer family roadtrips via my parents' compilation cassettes. "Summer in the City" was on one such tape, so that combined with the song's theme make this one doubly “summery” for me. Having lived in Texas 95% of my life, perhaps no lyric has ever been as relatable as "Walking on a sidewalk hotter than a match head".    


5) Wounded - Third Eye Blind (1999)

Summer is one of, if not the most often reoccurring theme in 3EB’s music so I always get the urge to throw on their albums when the calendar turns to summer months. That tendency is even stronger because in 2000, their album “Blue” spent half of the summer in my car’s CD player and the “next track” button was rarely needed. It’s tough to pick one specific song off "Blue" that encompasses the feel of summer better than the next, but “Wounded” is a personal stand-out that definitely lent itself to some teenage angst, top-of-the-lungs, yell-singing.


6) In The Summertime - Mungo Jerry (1971)

You’d be hard pressed to name a song as fun and care-free as this one and what better embodiment of the summer than exactly that. Long after I already loved this song, it gained a further boost in summer fun points when it was used in Wedding Crashers, coincidentally a big summer movie of 2005 that has been one of my favorites comedies ever since (in the scene where Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams go bike riding for those wondering). Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime” is as timeless as it is infectious, and if you ever meet someone who doesn’t like this song, punch them in the face, because they are likely a pod-person.


7) Just Can’t Wait - Stroke 9 (2002)

In title alone “Just Can’t Wait ” captures the anticipation of summer and all the fun implied. It's lyrics reminding that Summer is a time of endless possibilities, romantic and otherwise, set to the driving guitar riff made the song a go-to energizer for me. The opening line “Another summer coming and the feeling it brings, another reason to avoid all the permanent things” served as advice and at times even consolation to me in my 20’s. A reminder to not to be tied down in something that wasn’t worth it; that with the right attitude, the promise of something new and exciting is better than settling. Freedom is what summer is all about and this song was a personal of Declaration of Independence.


8) Boys of Summer – Don Henley (1984)

I guess I’m a sucker for "summer love gone wrong" songs, but “Boys of Summer” tells it’s story like vividly recalled summer memories and that has made it a relatable and enduring classic for 3 decades now. On top of backing music that pulls off the rare feat of simultaneously sounding both 80’s and timeless, the songwriting is so strong that I feel like I’m the jilted, protagonist in that lakeside town every time I hear it. Unlike most of the Eagles catalog, I’ve never gotten sick of this Don Henley solo tune and I don’t see it ever happening.


9) Men In Black – Will Smith (1997)

“Really? Will Smith, twice?!” I know, I know, but it only makes sense that the former king of the summer box office would sneak onto a summer playlist given the popularity of both the movie and song that share the MiB title. Men In Black was the summer movie for me, they promoted they hell out of it, I was excited for it, it lived up to my expectations, and the Men In Black theme song playing repeatedly on the radio just made me want to go see it again. I remember my brother getting the MiB soundtrack on cassette as a birthday present that July of 1997 and thinking “We are gonna wear that thing out!”- And we did.


10) Loungin’ (Remix) - LL Cool J featuring Total (1996)

In 1996 back when MTV still played music, this video was in their summer rotation- though not heavily enough for my taste. I was, to put it lightly, enamored with the gorgeous girl in the video and watched it any time I could, even recording it on a VHS incase I didn’t catch it on air that day. (I was 14, you’ll get no apologies here.) While the visual accompaniment of LL’s video girl made the music video the optimal way to experience the song, I did also legitimately like the music a lot. LL’s full album “Mr. Smith” was the first CD I ever shelled out my own money for, and did so solely in pursuit of this song. Come to find out the version of “Loungin’” on the CD was the original, not this remix, (a common problem for fans of 90’s Hip-Hop & R&B) which was a pretty devastating to someone who had no steady stream of income. Despite wasting my hard earned $13, I have nothing but positive summer memories of the song (and the video) and still count The Loungin' remix high on my list of favorite R&B songs.

  She still warrants her own picture. (Pay no attention to the fat ass of the sleeping guy that LL cuckolded in this video)

She still warrants her own picture. (Pay no attention to the fat ass of the sleeping guy that LL cuckolded in this video)

So that’s it, I hope I helped bulk up your summer playlist with some new or forgotten summertime gems.
What are your favorite summer jams?

Let us know!
(....Unless the answer is LFO - “Summer Girls", in that case just keep it to yourself.)

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It hurts to say, but we're getting older and finding new music can be tough. I'm hoping to help. I'm on constant lookout for exciting new artists and catchy new tunes and I'll gladly share with you the fruits of my Spotify searches. 

Yungblud aka Dominic Harrison is a 19 year old from across the pond, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England to be precise. His brand of socially conscious ska and hip-hop has been ringing in my ears since I first heard him a couple months ago while doing recon before Warped Tour. If you're a fan of the Arctic Monkeys then you should feel right at home with Yungblud's first album. He's got punk rock swagger and the stingingly cynical/satirical lyrics to match. Many allusions to mental health and medication are made and to those going through the trials and tribulations of high school the album is filled with anthem-worthy songs. 


Now, having seen him perform live at Warped Tour, I can also attest to his ability as a performer. Every drop of the energy felt in his songs is delivered in person. And not just energy, love, too. He seems to truly love performing and he loves the people he's performing for. This was made even more evident as I watched him meet and interact with people after his set. Every person was greeted with a huge hug and a smile - not something easily mustered after a tip-toeing performance in the Texas heat. 

If you watched the latest season of Thirteen Reasons Why you might recognize the song below. 

Next is probably one of my favorite songs from Yungblud and now that I know the story behind the lyrics I love it that much more. The lyrics tell the tale of a young couple, Jason and Clare, from a bad part of town in Sheffield, England. One day, Jason decides to propose to Clare by spray painting "I love you, will you marry me" on the side of a bridge spanning the way between two apartment buildings. This little bit of graffiti would go on to be copied, marketed, and eventually traced in neon when the apartment (more like projects) were renovated and turned into trendy lofts. It has been printed on shirts and beer labels meanwhile Clare has died and Jason is homeless. If you want to read the full story you can find it HERE.

Here's a photo of the graffiti in question. 

  photo courtesy of Urban Splash and the original Guardian article

photo courtesy of Urban Splash and the original Guardian article

Great stuff, right?!? I'll leave you with one more song and hopes that you'll add Yungblud to your playlists. His first album, 21st Century Liability, just dropped on July 6th. 

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Space Oddities - June: Takashi Murakami

I decided that once a month in 2018, I’m going to take a quick trip to explore/see/do/hear something weird and unusual in the space around me. I’m calling these Space Oddities and this is June…


As soon as I saw the previews for Takashi Murakami’s exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth, I knew it would be one of my Space Oddities for the year. Entitled The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg, the exhibit features 50 works that cover 3 decades of the artist’s life. To say the exhibit is varied in technique, style, subject matter, or scale would be an understatement. Each turn of the corner, each turn of the room even, revealed new and interesting works that were alternatively sweet and sinister, small and large, traditional and modern. It was very cool.


Takashi Muramaki, born in Japan, is probably best known for his pop culture collaborations with Kanye West and Louis Vuitton (remember Graduation?). He is also credited with creating the postmodern art movement known as Superflat, which refers to the lack of depth in the composition, as well as the content, of works in that style. His art is often a visual juxtaposition of ancient Japan and the modern world - Buddhist monks in swirling, psychedelic colors and mythical beasts atop platforms reminiscent of retro gaming consoles.


There’s no escaping the manga and anime references in this exhibit. From bubbly and cute to sexually suggestive, you’ll see everything… literally everything.


My favorite aspect of the exhibit was getting lost in the sensory overload of cheerful, vibrant, all-consuming flowers, who appear to be the mascot of Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd., an art production and artist management company founded by Muramaki. Is it just me or do they remind you of the talking flowers from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse?


If you’re looking for something fun to do on a hot Texas summer day, I can’t recommend this exhibit enough. It’s worth the time to watch the short film at the beginning of the exhibit (downstairs) as Takashi Muramaki talks about his inspiration in creating the works, as well as how the art (some of it quite large-scale) is produced by his team of artists. If you’re a planner, note that admission is free on Fridays and half-price on Sundays. And make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Mr. DOB, Muramaki’s alter ego, in the art!


Stay tuned for July’s Space Oddities - it’s the sole reason I started this project!

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I ate that new KFC Pickle Chicken

Recently, I saw an add for a new offering at KFC, Pickle Chicken! As an avid pickle lover, I had to check it out.


What it is, is a limited run flavor option that debuted on June 25th and will be on sale until they run out. It is available in 3 varieties, as a sandwich, tenders or extra crispy chicken.

I opted for the tender basket which is 3 tenders a side and a biscuit for $4.99.


Lets just say, I was underwhelmed. The tenders themselves were a little small compared to what you get at other establishments. The pickle flavoring come by way of a pickle "sauce". I don't know what this stuff is. It seems to be vinegar and pickle flavoring solids suspended in a cheap carrier oil. Does it taste like pickles? Well, yes. But it also has a weirdly chemical/artificial taste. A better option would have been to just drizzle a good quality pickle juice and call it a day. I can see what they were going for, but they are way off the mark. I love pickles, I wanted to love this. I did not.

Value:        4/5

Taste:        2/5

Texture:     2/5

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The One. The Only. RIC FLAIR!


Over the last weekend I had the chance to meet one of my personal heroes, The Nature Boy Ric Flair.  He was making a personal appearance at a RV dealership located about fifteen minutes from my house. I just happen to be scrolling through Facebook when I saw a video titled “Ric Flair is Coming to Cleburne, Texas” so naturally I watched the ad. It was a leathered looking Ric Flair informing everyone that he would be making a personal appearance at some kind of RV sale. The thing was Ric wasn’t looking so hot and seemed to be slurring his lines. I’m not sure if the video was shot after a long day of work negotiating with the dealership in the hot sun (selfie style) or if the sixteen time world champ wasn't doing so well.  So I immediately hit up the boys and to see if they were game for meeting the champ.

After a hearty “Hell yeah” from the boys we started planning our day.  The appearance was scheduled for Three p.m. , and us be avid fans of comics and other nerdy fan based things knew this was going to draw a huge crowd.  So we agreed to leave my house around 12:30 to make sure we were there early enough to get to see him. After a few minor delays we got to the dealership around 1:10 pm, and with us being around the Fiftieth in line we knew we secured our place to meet The Nature Boy.  He was going to be signing and taking pictures inside their outdoor store but we weren't allowed in until 1:30. So, it being a hot summer day in Texas and a readily available snowcone vendor, I decided to take to boy for a couple of cones, my treat. After picking out what we wanted , a half tiger’s blood half orange for me and a blue raspberry for the boy, I asked how much I owed he informed me the dealership took care of it. So far off to a good start, free snowcones and a free chance to meet one of my childhood heroes!
After devouring our cones and getting let into the building we began to enjoy the AC we realized there was more time to kill and they had activities for children.  I took Steve to play the arcade game they had, to visit the balloon animal artist and got back in line with my friends. It was about thirty minutes 'til showtime and the crowd was starting to pile into this store, easily pushing around 500. Man, was I glad to be able to make it there when we did, Ric was only available for a two hour signing ,and some of these assholes were going home empty handed. As time grew nearer the crowd would let out random "WOOO"'s of anticipation and they began to become louder. Around 3:05 someone with a P.A. let us know that Ric’s plane was running late but he would be there within the next ten minutes.


Sure enough like clockwork ten minutes later The Nature Boy made his grand appearance.  He entered the building announced he was ready to sell some RVs and gave us a big "WOOO". At this point Steve was becoming nervous, and when i asked him why he informed me that he "has never met a world famous person before.”  Well, before I could give him any other advice than “ he is just a man like you and me” it was our turn. I looked over at Steve and saw him clutching his WWE World Championship title belt to his chest and looking to me to lead the interaction. I handed my cell phone off to the employee of the RV dealership who was designated to take photos and stepped up to the table with Steve by my side. Ric Flair instantly extended is hand to mine for a handshake and was smiling, I introduced myself and Steve and let him know that Steve became a fan of him through me and that we were so excited to meet him. Ric replied back by asking how old Steve was and the he was so thankful for Steve being a fan. At this point Ric began signing Steve’s title belt (which he took his time with to make sure it was legible) and posed for our picture with him.  After the photo opportunity i thanked him for everything he had done in his career and for keeping myself and Steve entertained to which he replied “No my man, thank you for being a fan” and waved bye to us.


Steve and myself were floored at how nice and kind he was to us and my friends as well. People always say “don’t meet your heroes because they’ll let you down” well I’m here to inform you that it doesn’t always apply. Ric seemed like he was generally happy to meet us and wasn’t the least bit rude, which made it a fun time overall. If you’re at a con of some sort or have a chance to meet The Nature Boy I highly recommend it. He won’t leave you disappointed.

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