Chris had just moved into the Zombie Cabin, Andy had just happily become a divorcee and Obama had just become president. Oh the good ol' days, Back in 2009.

Pop the cork off these classics and enjoy! 

Note: All Episodes Are Extremely Explicit and Often Uncouth.
If anything is said that offend you or you take issue with anything said or implied, please feel free to not listen and move along.
Thanks! -RG.

Episode One: Beginnings

Where it all began, Chris and Andy laid out the funny on this very first appearance of the Reservoir Geeks anywhere.


Episode Two: The Secret of the Ooze

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... The boys continue to deal out the hilarity on the amazing (non-Ninja Turtles related) episode of Reservoir Geeks!


Episode Three: Knuckle Up

The boys are getting their sea legs and becoming even more comfortable with the show. In this episode they dabble in sound boards. Luckily, it was just this episode.


Episode Four: The Streets

This is a favorite of Chris and Andy. Funny like all the others yet somehow more awesome! Listen and let it become your favorite too.


Episode Five: Romancing The Stone

A ton of time is spent discussing Cloak & Dagger, issues with video games and other awesomeness! Sadly, due to technical difficulties, this episode ends abruptly.  


Episode Six: Jewel Of The Nile

The show upgraded with the addition of Grand Executive Producer, Benny Beck! They discuss topics a mutual friend to Bottle Rocket to shirt-n-skins. Good times!
NOTE: There are edits in this episode regarding an individual's identity. 


more coming soon